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People are always looking for a better mousetrap. I think the people at ReSource Inc. have found just that. They recently developed the first Green Charging Station- GenZ. With the Gen Z you can power up to 4 devices at a time.

So you ask: “What makes this particuliar item different than the zillion of charging stations on the market?” Well, let me tell you. The GenZ indicates when your hand held device is fully charged by shutting off the LED light on the front of the unit. And…. It has 13 of the most common adapters built into the device eliminating your need of finding your power cords. Now you can power green and no longer go crazy looking for your chargers. Now this should save you some time.

Just an FYI: The Ipod adapter is one of the 13 adapters. No more leaving the computer on. This should save a lot of money on the electric!

A Tid Bit of Maybe??? Useful Knowledge:
Most chargers continue to charge your small hand held devices until they are unplugged. This type of charging raises havoc on your battery taking away the longevity of its use. The GenZ eliminates this problem by cutting off the power supply when the battery is fill. Better for your device and better for the environment.

This item will be available in October 2009. You should be able to buy it at most retailers and all over the web. It will sell for $59.99. I got a feeling it will be a hot new item for the holiday season this year. You know, this would be a great item to have at a college dorm. They never give you enough room for all your stuff. I know I couldn’t function without my cell phone and IPOD.

Well, that’s all for now!

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  1. This is an awsome product! I checked their website: http://www.resourceproducts.com. It says that it is coming soon!

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