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Have you ever looked at a new product for the first time and not know what to think of it?   My first reaction to this product was why would anyone want to inhale coffee?  After pondering the thought for a few minutes,  I started to think maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  God knows I drink A LOT of Coffee.  I even drink energy drinks for the little “pick me up” at the end of the day.

I began to ponder some thoughts.

1.  How much money do people spend on energy drinks?  I know many people, including myself that use them.  You can spend up to $5.00 for one.

2.  We all know that energy drinks are bad for you and yet we continue to  drink them.  Would inhaling coffee be a healthier alternative?

3.  There are proven health benefits associated with coffee.  Would you be able to obtain those benefits by inhaling it?

4.  Coffee is all natural.  It would contribute to our world’s green initiative.

5.  Why inhale coffee?  Would it make more sense to snort it?

6.  Will it make you cough?  Will inhaling coffee make you more susceptible to colds?

7.  Can it become addicting or have side effects associated to inhaling?

I probably  could go on and on but I won’t bore you with the ramblings in my brain. I spend a lot of time evaluating new items and their potential to become hot new items.  I can see this becoming a great new fad just like energy drinks.   It definitely has the potential.


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