Dream b2b Products Brokered Sales

>Hey Everyone! Welcome to the official blog for Dream Products. Our website is currently under construction and will be up in no time.  Meanwhile, our blog will remain our site dedicated to promoting our Clients!

Who are We?

Dream Products is a Full Service Marketing and Sales Company dedicated to representing Manufacturers of high-quality, innovative products.  We specialize in placing products in large catalogs and retail outlets.  We provide our customers with services that are guaranteed to promote brand awareness, increase demand for their product, and increase sales revenue by more than 50%.

How do we get paid?  We negotiate with the Manufacturer a reasonable commission percentage rate based on our sales. This requires no out-of-pocket commitment by the Manufacturer and we are only paid directly by the work that we do.  

Our Services Include: 


– Prospecting and contacting appropriate avenues
– Contacting appropriate buyers for product consideration and testing

– Vendor Set-Up. We supply the manufacturer with training involved to process the vendor compliance. 
– Negotiation on the manfacturers behalf a suitable business arrangement. The Manufacturer will sign the final contract.
– Supply training on how to process orders, Advance Shipping Notices, Shipping requirements, etc.
– Professional Sales Consulting


– Professional copywriting
– Blogging
– Search Engine Optimization
– Market Analysis
– Strategic Planing
– Public Relations
– And Product Development
–  Professional Marketing Consulting

Interested in Working With Us? Contact Us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

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