Dream b2b Products Brokered Sales

> A Look at The “Smartness Protection Package”

This line of Plus Corporation Products offers easy and affordable ways to protect important information for select eyes only.

The Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp:  available in small or large sizes, this ID Guard Stamp effectively hides printed information with a unique pattern and special formulated permanent ink, to mask private and confidential information. It’s convenient and light weight design makes this product a very easy and affordable alternative to buying expensive and time consuming shredders. 

Kes’pon Camouflage tape: the camouflage tape is an ideal tool that can be used to selectively block out at-risk information in documents you wish to keep or distribute to other parties.  The unique pattern effectively covers printed text in clean straight lines and the tape cartridge can easily be removed and replaced.

Camouflage Folder and Clipboard: a simple and elegant solution for managing your confidential documents. The special pattern printed on the front and back of the polypropylene folder makes the documents inside difficult to read. However, you can still read large letters to confirm the folder contents without having to remove the documents. Stylishly carry and organize your confidential documents while protecting your private information from prying eyes. With the Camouflage Clipboard, documents can be firmly held on the board with the clip. The clipboard material is thin and light, yet sturdy enough to write on.

For Wholesale Inquiries or a list of places where these items are sold contact us at: DreamShopLive@gmail.com

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