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A mini version of the Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp, this smaller style effectively hides or masks printed/confidential information with a unique pattern and special formulated permanent ink, anywhere you are!  It’s convenient and light weight design makes this product a very easy and affordable shredding alternative, On-The-Go!

Kes’pon Mini ID Guard Stamp can go everywhere with you.  These minis easily fit in small purses, briefcases, and pockets, and take up little to no space!  Like having a pen or lip balm, its a modern world necessity you should never leave home without!

When it comes to identity theft, the better you look on paper, the more likely you are to be targeted by people with bad intentions. There is an endless amount of ways for a thief to steal your identity; and it all starts with the thief’s ability to get access to certain key pieces of information that belong to you. And you never know when you’ll need to hide your information.  Whether it’s at an outside business meeting, on vacation, or at school, the Kes’pon Mini will protect you everywhere you are.  It’s Identity Protection for only $6.99!

What NOT To Do with The Kes’pon Mini Stamp:

    * Stamp Your Lips when you run out of chapstick
    * Stamp Your coffee container to hide the “extra extra”
    * Stamp Your Phone Number in your Boss’ planner

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