Dream b2b Products Brokered Sales

Dream Products, a full Service Marketing and Sales firm, launches JammCatalog.com, an online shopping site bringing together innovative products from around the country.

 The JAMM Catalog online shopping site launched this week by Dream Products, a Full Service Marketing and Sales Company dedicated to representing Manufacturers of high-quality, innovative products. While the company specializes in placing new products in large catalogs and retail stores nationwide, they will now be placing their unique selection on their own website – JAMMCatalog.com.

JAMM Catalog is a fresh new online catalog promoting products that matter. The site will carry new and innovative products for today’s generation of technology-focused individuals who like to have fun and don’t have a ton of money to do so! The products on the site are guaranteed high quality, affordable, and are items that are relevant in making life easier in today’s complicated world. While many of these products can be found in catalogs and stores throughout the country, to have them all on one website allows anyone and everyone to purchase them easily.

Shoppers will find products from Plus Corporation’s Kes’pon Line including the Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp, Camouflage Tape, Glue Tape, and more. The site will also feature the popular Sleep Scentsations™ line of aromatherapy pillow scents proven to provide a sleep experience like no other. The site also features the Magic Cubicle™, a stylish organization product that also offers decorative technology. Each week the site will be adding new products and adding to the existing product lines.

The site’s mission is to find the newest products on the market. And to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for the pickiest of shoppers or your money back. Offering easy shopping and easy returns. Visit the site at JAMMcatalog.com

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