The Sleep Scentsations Product Line:

Sleep Scentsations™ is a line of patented adhesive-backed pillow liners that combine aromatherapy and “aromacology,” the belief that scents can induce moods or memories, to ensure an indulging sleep experience like no other. Whether you are home or traveling, Sleep Scentsations™  are an easy and convenient way to ensure you’ll get the rest that you need.

Our aromatherapy products are thin, soft liners infused with essential oils and fragrance oils that will not stain your bed linens. When placed on your pillow, underneath the pillowcase, you will enjoy a relaxing scent that will lull you to sleep. No need to spend money at a fancy spa to feel true relaxation.

The pillow liners are an ideal method to enhance a great nights’ sleep because they can be personalized and taken anywhere, allowing you to inhale the appropriate fragrance whether you  need to reduce stress, lift a depression, hasten a good night’s sleep, soothe your soul, or find more energy. Now you can utilize the many therapeutic benefits of different essential oils no matter where you are.

Ranging in six categories including Botanical, Wellness, Fresh, Aromatherapy, Exotic and Sensual, each pillow liner provides a natural and drug-free method that helps aid sleep, relaxation, and promote better overall health and well-being just by breathing while you are sleeping!

Each liner is individually packaged, and lasts anywhere from two to five days once applied to a pillow, and simply peels off without a trace once it comes time to remove or change scents. Sleep Scentsations™ can be purchased online at .

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