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JAMMCatalog.com is excited to announce it has taken on a new product called the Magic-Q-Bicle™

The Magic Cube is an organizer that combines style and function.  It is designed for small electronics and other household items.  However it’s more than just an organizer, simply it is also a picture frame collage, shadow box, and a stylish display unit by itself.

 It offers a unique wall or desktop display with cool geometric transformation possibilities!

Magic-Q-Bicle™ and The Ecube™ series are created for the modern living space. Universal organizers are common in the market but none has been specially designed to organize small electronics and useful gadgets such as cell phone, charger, digital picture frame, alarm clock, fragrance diffuser etc that are indispensable to modern life, and few have been created as artistic accents for home or office. Magic-Q-Bicle™ is a wonderful gift for tech lovers. 
The Ecubes are a series of stylish function cubes (purchase separately) to custom fit as apps to the Magic-Q-Bicle™ . Ecube™ is a designer line of mini electronics and useful gadgets including cell phone holder, speaker set, digital clock, lighted display box, designer drawer, mini digital scale, fragrance dispenser glow cube, digital picture frame and so on. Great gift individually or together with the Magic-Q-Bicle™ .

 Magic-Q-Bicle features unique geometric transformation and is multifunctional:

  • Magic-Q-bicle as storage box organizer,
  • Magic-Q-bicle as stylish shadow box for display,
  • Magic-Q-bicle as 9-frame picture collage,
  • Magic-Q-bicle as  picture puzzle
  • Magic-Q-bicle has detachable picture frames
  • Magic-Q-bicle apps option – Ecubes, a series of functional cubes

Product Specifications:

  • A picture frame organizer that features 9 connected 3.5” storage cubes, each covered with detachable picture frames. Ideal for storing small electronics /gadgets, as picture frame collage or shadow box.
  • Transformed to 13 compartments, forming a stylish modern display for wall or desktop. 
  • Back plate of each cube has perforated hole for easy punch out to fit hanging insert or as cable outlet.
  • Included : 9-cube main frame, 9 detachable picture frames, 1 adaptor cube (to hold transformed shape), 2 wall hanging insert parts. 
  • Available in 3 color options : solid black,  solid white or  brown pattern print style (in limited supply)

For Wholesale Information Regarding the Magic-Q-Bicle™ and The Ecube™ series email us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

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