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This 3 Pack Kit from Plus Corporation is a must-have item for anyone.  It is a set containing their 3 most popular tools for permanently masking important information.  An alternative to expensive, noisy and time-consuming shredders, the Kes’pon Guard Your ID Kit for $19.99 is affordable protection!

To reduce your vulnerabilities and trick those “dumpster divers” the kit includes The Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp:

This product stamps a unique pattern to mask your private and confidential information.

The Guard Your Identity kit also includes a mini version of the Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp. This smaller style effectively hides or masks printed/confidential information with a unique pattern and special formulated permanent ink, anywhere you are!  It’s convenient and light weight design makes this product a very easy and affordable shredding alternative, On-The-Go!

And don’t forget about the Kes’pon Camouflage tape! The Kes’pon Guard Your Identity kit also includes their patented camouflage tape, an ideal tool that can be used to selectively block out at-risk information in documents you wish to keep or distribute to other parties.  The unique pattern effectively covers printed text in clean straight lines and the tape cartridge can easily be removed and replaced.

Be the first person or store with these important items! These are must-have items in today’s modern world. 
To purchase any of these Kes’pon Identity Protection products contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com 

For All Wholesale Inquiries contact us at 401-309-8592 or DreamShopLive@gmail.com

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