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Plus Corporation’s Innovative Correction Tape  
Plus Corporation was 2009 World’s Largest Manufacturer of Correction Tape! No more waiting for liquid correction fluid to dry and those annoying bumps!  Correct your documents by hand with this dry tape that is smooth, accurate, and durable. 
What made us #1:

  • Patented – Refillable. Low waste designs.
  • Patented – Innovative and stylish applicators.
  • Patented – BRASS – Mini roller tip.
  • Highest quality materials.
  • Superior dry style tape.
The Facts:
Correction fluid was invented in 1956 and the market has grown steadily since. The market has changed and now hand-held correction tape applicators have outgrown the original correction fluid and typewriter tapes. Correction tape has become a staple item for businesses, schools and homes worldwide with over 400 million pieces sold each year.

With the increased use of computers and email, the need for correction tape in type-writers has decreased but the market for hand held tape applicators has increased. As more homes and businesses own and use printers each day, more consumers find the need to use correction tape. The innovation of “dry” and photocopy safe correction tape has also helped open up additional uses and expand the market .

In North America correction tape is primarily used by businesses and in homes. In Asia, the largest market is primarily school children. Children in Taiwan, for example, are required to use ball point pens in school to write papers at the age of 10. For this reason, correction tape is an important item to their 20 million residents.

For more information on Plus Corporation’s Correction Tape please contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com or at 401-309-8592.  The possibilities are endless, ask about retail opportunities, wholesale opportunities, and private label opportunities!

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