Dream b2b Products Brokered Sales

PLUS manufactures 4 models of top-quality, durable scissors. Currently, PLUS is the second largest man-

ufacturer of scissors in Japan and is looking to expand sales into North America. Their sizes are approxi-

mately 5.75”, 6.25”, 6.5”and 7”. Each is designed to fill all the needs of the home, school and office.


All blades are coated with two layers of grade 2 PTFE fluorine and epoxy resigns. The fluorine coating provides a waterproof, solvent resistant, acid resistant and non-toxic layer on the stainless steel blades. It gives the fitcut a greater peeling force (resistance to stickiness) of .07 +/- compared to .21 +/- of competitors.


The cutting angle of the fitcut is considered a single-step blade. This means the cutting edge is lower than
standard scissors to provide more precision cutting of fine material. The blades are also slightly angled to provide detailed cutting through the entire length of the blade.

Single-step high-angle precision cutting edge.


PLUS uses a lubricated plastic ring to secure the two blades together. Standard scissors use only the metal pin to connect the blades. Over time, the pin will begin to loosen and wear resulting in wobbling.

With the plastic ring insert, wear does not occur and the scissors stay in their originally designed cutting position. This gives the scissors a longer life and means the fitcut have no maintenance with screws to tighten.

For added scissor life PLUS also uses a motor shaped metal pin that naturally sits into the plastic wobble ring and pulls the blades together.

SOFT GRIP HANDLE: 70% recycled resin is used in all PLUS scissor handles. By doing this, PLUS is
compliant with the “ACT ON PROMOTING GREEN PURCHASING – 2001” established in Japan.

PROTECTIVE CASING: All scissors come standard with a protective case. The case is used for storage and for protecting the blades from damage. It also has a built in area designed to hold 9mm label tape. This allows the cap to be personalized by the user.

For More Information or Wholesale Inquiries please contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com or at 401-309-8592

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