Dream b2b Products Brokered Sales

>Dream Products is excited to announce our newest product winning the fight against Bedbugs! EcoBugFree is breakthrough biochemistry that does not use neurotoxins, harmful chemicals or essential oil based formulations.

 It is…

Environmentally Friendly
Non-Toxic to People and Pets;
100% Toxic to Bedbugs and their Eggs
Pesticide Free
No Smelly, Staining Oils
Controls on Contact
Kills Dust Mites, too

Yes, they are real and unfortunately this is a very gross topic of discussion: 

Bedbugs, once common, were almost wiped out in the ’40s and ’50s. Now, they have made a strong comeback in the United States. Nearly every large city has reported a drastic increase in bedbugs.
Bedbugs are being found in places such as stores, hotels, homes, and movie theaters. They feed on from all warm-blooded animals, especially humans. Bedbugs often find their way into the luggage of travelers and may be transported and spread in this manner.
A bedbug-free home or hotel room one day may not be one the next day. Guests and customers can unknowingly bring in bedbugs which will then breed, infest your property, and continue to migrate to other property.
This minimal risk pesticide formulation is a synergized blend of selectively adapted non-toxic elements that provide maximum breakdown and removal of select pests while remaining safe for people and pets. Utilizing naturally occurring minerals and non-toxic elements instead of chemical pesticides, it can be sprayed directly on mattress and box springs. It controls bedbugs and dust mites on contact!


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