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The Amazing MonkeyHook® is a lightweight, super-strong spring steel product that enables anyone to hang a picture, mirror, or wall accessory of up to 50 lbs. securely and in just seconds, with No Tools or Hammers Needed!!

EZ Drywall Hanger This breakthrough product is uniquely engineered to make hanging pictures, mirrors, or ‘anything hangable’ a simple, easy process anyone can do. Just find the spot where you want to hang the picture and you’re seconds away from being finished. The ‘MonkeyHook® EZ Drywall Hanger’ Self-Boring tip enables you to penetrate the drywall, using simple hand pressure and a back and forth twisting motion. Then, the shaft simply slides through and with a final push the Self-Locking Feature locks the MonkeyHook® securely in place, with only the hook exposed and ready for your ready-to-hang picture.

Home Decorating Tips You can now hang that picture exactly where you want it because the Amazing MonkeyHook® is designed to work where there is No Wall Stud! So if you’re wondering how to hang groups of pictures exactly the way you want, this heavy duty wall hanger is your answer. Numerous important features, shown below with their corresponding advantages and benefits, have been incorporated into the design to make The Amazing MonkeyHook® one of the most innovative and fun-to-use products you have ever discovered! Once you try it, you’ll want everyone who is important in your life to know about it! Share it when your interior decorating classes! Its Low Profile feature results in a hook that is only nominally visible and makes only a tiny hole.

Because of the unique Weight Transfer Feature, which distributes the weight of the object from the hole to a much broader area of the wall for additional strength and security, we are able to provide a single Universal Size that can be used to handle virtually all your needs, from small objects to heavier frames, such as mirrors.

Great for interior decorating classes. The weight bearing ability of this product is up to 50 lbs per hook, designed for use on all Residential or Commercial-Grade Drywall. To hang something extremely large or heavy like a 100 lb. mirror would simply require 2 hooks. The tropicalized Gold-Finish is rich looking and is guaranteed against corrosion. Finally, the unique ‘Tilt-Back’ Hook directs the tip of the hook away from the frame or backing material on custom-framed pictures, artwork, etc. for added protection. It is ideal as part of your studio apartment decorating ideas and more.


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