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>Dream Products is happy to announce that we are now representing the Fresh’n Fridge and Fresh’n Crisp products from the manufacturer Rush Hampton.  Rush Hampton has been an innovator in the research, development and manufacture of products to improve the indoor environment since 1971.

Fresh ‘n Fridge™ Fridge Order Eliminator – Powerful odor control for your refrigerator or freezer.

Highly aromatic foods – such as fish, garlic, onions, cabbage, melons, etc. – give off molecules that permeate mild-flavored foods stored with them in a refrigerator or freezer. Most storage methods are often unable to prevent odor cross-contamination, which is why those just-picked strawberries can taste like onion.

The Fresh ‘n Fridge™ uses an exclusive, laboratory-proven process to neutralize and eliminate odors in the refrigerator and freezer – and prevent the absorption of odors by other stored food. Enjoy a fresh scent every time you open the door, and the true flavor of all of your refrigerated and frozen food.

How it works:

Place the Fresh ‘n Fridge in any location in your refrigerator and / or freezer to remove odors for up to 90 days. Use one in each compartment to provide total protection against odors and odor absorption by other food and ice cubes.

Fresh ‘n Crisp™ Freshness Extender – Keep stored fruits and vegetables fresh longer – save money

The Fresh ‘n Crisp™ absorbs and neutralizes the ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables produce as they ripen, then rot. This revolutionary product dramatically extends the freshness of produce to prevent waste and enable you to buy in bulk to save money.

Its natural active ingredient is completely safe for use with all produce. Be sure that produce is dry, then just place the Fresh ‘n Crisp directly where it’s needed: inside your refrigerator’s crisper bin, sealable bowls, etc. Foods do not have to be stored any differently than usual for the Fresh ‘n Crisp to be effective.

Unlike many other freshness extending products, the Fresh ‘n Crisp needs no washing between uses or special care. Replace after three months to continue the nutritional benefits and savings of produce that truly stays fresh and crisp for a significantly longer time than ever before possible.

About the products: 

  • Laboratory proven to work better than ‘Baking Soda’
  • Independent laboratory tested by Florida’s largest university (University of Central Florida, Department of Chemistry)
  • All materials meet FDA requirements
  • Made in the USA




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