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Pocket SmartString is a unique product that solves several problems of a traditional tape measure:

– Measurements can be stored quickly electronically. No pen and paper needed to record the distances.

– Slim slender design and light. Fits in the pocket easily. Goes where you go!

– Uses a strong secure string instead of a metal tape. So it can measure around corners and odd shaped items. It doesn’t kink up like a metal tape would.

– Stored measurements can interact with the calculator. You can figure square inches or feet with just a few button pushes.

– Switches from INCHES to METRIC (MM) with just a push of a button. No need to buy a metric measuring device. Works quickly!

The Strong Sturdy String will not stretch and has over 20 pound test strength. The 50″ string will allow you to measure up to 150″ by using the three red buttons to store the measurements. NO NEED TO WRITE THE MEASUREMENT DOWN!


Measure Virtually Anything!! Pull the string – Read the screen!

Use your stored measurements with the calculator! Measure odd shape items easily.
Use Pocket SmartString for:

An Excellent Gift Item
Home Improvements
Measuring Perimeters
Electrical Work
Hobbyists and much more!

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