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What’s more annoying than trying to re-string your favorite sweatshirt or sweatpants? It’s virtually impossible without some kind of help! The Super Stringer is the latest why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? invention that makes life simpler, starting with your drawstring.

Quickly and simply, the Super Stringer re-strings all your favorite shorts, sweatpants, and hooded sweatshirts. Just insert the hoop in the string track, push through, attach your drawstring, and pull. Anyone can do it, so it’s perfect for children and seniors too. In an instant, you’ll restring garments you’d long since given up on. Or, you can re-string lackluster sportswear with new colors for a fashionable pop!

Don’t dread the drawstring ever again. Because your SuperStringer comes with a lifetime warranty. The innovative hoop design hangs right from your laundry or equipment rack for easy, out of the way storage.

A perfect gift for athletes, coaches, teens, fitness fanatics, and busy moms and dads, the SuperStringer can re-string any shape or size of drawstring. Round, flat, thin, or oversized drawstrings are no match for the Super Stringer. So unlike competitor products, you don’t have to waste time guessing and second guessing which model to use for which job. Super Stringer saves you the guesswork.

Of course, sportswear styles are just the beginning! Hospital scrubs, cargo pants and shorts, Capri styles, and even lace work can frequently need re-stringing. But now you can forget the dangers of safety pins and ditch the coat hanger method. All strings that come out from washing, wearing, and working out can be re-strung in a jiffy with the SuperStringer.

Most people admit to tossing out tops and bottoms that just keep losing their drawstrings. What a waste! Especially when you can replace, re-string, and restyle instantly with the SuperStringer (and for much less than the cost of one discarded sweatshirt). So now drawstrings lost on the playground, in the wash, or at the gym won’t come back to haunt you. With SuperStringer, drawstrings can get back to what they were made for: saving you time.

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