Dream b2b Products Brokered Sales

Dream b2b Products has teamed up with Pedigree Perfection – the North American manufacturer of Pet♥Threads® and Weather♥Master® coats – “people quality” canine fashion apparel with the best fit in the industry! They also manufacture Paw♥Tectors® the World’s Best Dog Boots for all weather, all season, all terrain protection against the elements, Leg♥Wraps™ fetlock protective coverings and My♥Blankie®, snuggly warmth for pets and people!


Designers and Manufacturers since 1990, known for consistent quality of workmanship, and proudly manufactured in North America, Pedigree Perfection is a proven assortment of upscale boots, canine fashion apparel as well as styles for people to match their canine friends!

Pet♥Threads® and Weather♥Master® garments are available in thirteen different sizes for the perfect fit: 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”, and 30”! Cats also enjoy these designs, usually in a size 12 or 14. They describe their garments as being “people quality” because of their choice of fabrics and quality of workmanship. All items are proudly manufactured in Canada, to maintain high quality standards.

Every style has been tested on live models to ensure that your pets mobility is fluid. The fabrics we use are “quiet” fabrics, so as not to frighten a sensitive pet. Each garment is designed to be user-friendly for the pet owner, the styles allow for pets to do their business without soiling the garments, and all styles are machine washable and dryable. Fabric colors and patterns are refreshed each season, so

your pet is always fashionably protected!

For autumn and winter, the choices available are endless, and the four-legged suits are always best sellers! They also feature a light-weight line for spring and summer months. One concern for dog owners may be the risk of sunburn, and they suggest a Jersey PJ to offer protection from those rays. Pajamas also soothe dogs with allergies and irritated skin, and also soothe nervous dogs! When on the hunt, their bright and light-weight Rainsuits and Rain Capes offer a flash of color and dry comfort! For dogs suffering in the heat of summer or for show dogs, they offer a Cool Down cape/coat that offers cooling relief with water evaporation!

These can alternately be used as cozy After-Bath Robes!

My♥Blankie®’s are cozy blankets in five sizes for either pets or people to snuggle with, and also fashionable. 
Paw♥Tectors®, the ONLY truly waterproof boot, protect pads from hot sand and asphalt, from burrs and thorns, from winter conditions, allergies and after surgeries! The interior fleece lining is soft and cozy for paws, wicking away perspiration from paws for a comfortable and healthy environment! Paw♥Tectors® are in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL, in Pink, Red and Black.

Leg♥Wraps™, a perfect mate to Paw♥Tectors®, protect fetlocks from ice-ball formation, burrs, tics, allergens… as well as being an excellent after surgery cover-up. Both products can be used independently but when worn together, they attach to become an integral unit for full paw and leg protection! Leg♥Wraps™ are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL, in Red and Black.


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