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Canker Sores and Cold Sores BEGONE – 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Non-Toxic Remedies for those Irritations! Canker Sores Begone Made with Grapefruit Seed Extract and Cold Sores Begone made with Lemon Balm. 

Canker Sores Begone (sores appear inside the mouth)

Students -the same triggers as for a cold sore.
Dental procedure. Swab inside of mouth, including gums, tongue, roof of mouth, inside cheek and lips before and after the dental work. Helps to prevent an outbreak.
Chemo, radiation treatment, Celiac disease
Lowered immune system from cold or flu.
Moms –it’s safe to apply inside your toddler’s or older child’s mouth. They’ll be able to eat and drink without pain extremely quickly.
Canker Sores Begone IS NOT EFFECTIVE for cankers caused from a food allergy, i.e. acidic food..
Cold Sores Begone (sores on lips or nose area)
Wake up with cold sores? Apply Cold Sores Begone™ to lips each night before bed to prevent it.
In sun or wind a lot? Workers, sunbathers, joggers, water sports, skiers. Always keep a bottle nearby to apply as soon as a tingle occurs.
The irritation of dental work, cosmetic tattoo lip enhancement, a knick from shaving, or an injury to the mouth can trigger a cold sore. Apply at tingle.
Student life – cramming for exams, staying up too late, exhaustion, related stress can all trigger sores.
Lowered immune system, illness. The irritation of blowing the nose during a cold can trigger a cold sore inside, under or around the nose.
Pregnancy is a time notorious for causing cold sores.

Moms and Dads – active cold sores are infectious. Protect the rest of the family by preventing eruptions at the get-go. Small children won’t recognize the early symptom. When the sore is first noticed, apply several times a day for less severity and duration.
Wedding – the stress and fatigue in the week or so prior can bring on a cold sore. Have the bottle on hand 24/7! A life saver.
Some people, most often men, don’t notice the early warning symptom, an itch, numb or tingly sensation. They should apply routinely every single day. 
Hi stress jobs: truckers, real estate, emergency medical technicians


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