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Par 38 LED Outdoor Security LampPure Genius, Northeastern Plastics

I have come across many ingenious products over the years but this one really makes it to the top of my list.  Manufactured by Northeastern Plastics, Inc., this patented innovative LED outdoor flood lamp brings both security and energy savings to your home. So, you’re thinking, big deal, there are many flood lamps out there. This however is much much different.  The technology is in the bulb and not the hardware.  Currently, to have a dusk to dawn feature, you are required to buy expensive hardware and hire an electrician to install the hardware to enjoy this feature.  The technology provided by “Pure Genius” eliminates that.  It’s as simple as buying a light bulb, which is energy efficient, requires no electrician and any home owner can do it.

What Makes this Different?

  • No new hardware needed for outdoor Motion Sensor

  • Designed to work in any standard outdoor flood light fixture

  • Just replace your existing bulb and flip your light witch to “on”

Watch the Short Video to see how “Pure Genius” can work for you!



Patented New Product!

Pure Genius LED Bulb


Buyer Info
  • 4pc Case Pack
  • MSRP 49.99
  • Shipped from Houston, TX
  • Clear 4 color box packing
  • ETL Approved
  • US and Worldwide Patent Pending
  • Energy Star product

Pure Genius Packaging




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