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New Product! GrabGreen Natural and Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent


GrabGreen® is founded on the philosophy of creating a new eco-friendly approach to how consumers experience and solve fabric care dilemmas. The company has masterfully formulated solutions while simplifying applications of those solutions. Special attention has been given to simplifying the usage, minimizing waste and selecting the most natural and effective ingredients possible.

The 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent is three products in one – it contains ingredients to clean thoroughly, remove stains and enhance softness. With GrabGreen’s pre-measured concentrated pods, there’s no over-pouring of detergent, which eliminates wasted product and saves you money.

The eco-friendly formula works with both high-efficiency (HE) and standard machines. GrabGreen’s detergent is biodegradable and is made with non-toxic, naturally-derived ingredients without dyes, phosphates or chlorine. Also, the formula is safe for septic systems and as always, is critter-friendly. GrabGreen products are never tested on animals.

 how to use…
 Use 1 pod for small to medium loads – use 2 pods for large to extra large loads. Before jumping into washing your clothes, you should know there’s no need to open the pod. The outer film is biodegradable and begins to dissolve the moment it touches water so be sure not to have wet hands.

    1. All you need to do is grab & toss pod(s) into washer drum – not the detergent dispenser.
    2. pile in the clothes.
    3. reseal pouch for freshness.

If you have an HE machine and wish to use the detergent dispenser, be sure to place the pod(s) in the powder section, not the liquid. This will ensure the detergent dissolves completely.


The Fulcrum Line of LED Home or Office Lighting is Now Available on JammCatalog.com!

>The Fulcrum Company is infamous for creating and marketing innovative, energy-efficient, and affordable LED lighting products that solve everyday lighting problems, reduce our carbon footprint, and save money.

LEDs are the next generation of lighting technology, due to the fact that they never have to be replaced and use only 10% of the energy used by conventional light bulbs.  What this means is fewer batteries in landfills and more money in your pocket!

The line is now available on JAMMCatalog.com!  


 Fulcrum 9-LED Anywhere Light XB


Fulcrum Multiflex LED Lighted Magnifier


Fulcrum 6-LED Multiflex Work Light


Fulcrum Lanterna Touch 12 LED Wireless Lamp


Fulcrum 28-LED MegaLight



Fulcrum Drawer Lights – 2 pack


Fulcrum LED Flyweight Book Light


Fulcrum Folding Book Light


Fulcrum 8-LED Sensor Table Lamp


Fulcrum 4-LED Motion Sensor Light


Fulcrum 6-LED Porch Light


Fulcrum Multiflex LED Task/Book Light


Fulcrum 6-LED Under Cabinet Light



The Kes’pon GUARD YOUR IDENTITY KIT is Now Available on JammCatalog.com

PRLog (Press Release)Feb 10, 2011 – The JAMM Catalog online shopping site was launched by Dream Products, a Full Service Marketing and Sales Company dedicated to representing Manufacturers of high-quality, innovative products. While the company specializes in placing new products in large catalogs and retail stores nationwide, they are now placing their unique selection on their own website – JAMMCatalog.com.

JAMM Catalog is a fresh new online catalog promoting products that matter. The site will carry new and innovative products for today’s generation of technology-focused individuals – like the Kes’pon Guard Your Identity Kit manufactured by Plus Corporation. This 3 Pack Kit from Plus Corporation is a must-have item for anyone.  It is a set containing their 3 most popular tools using ink to permanently mask important information.  

To reduce your vulnerabilities and trick Identity thieves, the kit includes The Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp for home or office, The Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp MINI for on-the-go protection, and the Kes’pon Camouflage tape, an ideal tool that can be used to selectively block out at-risk information in documents you wish to keep or distribute to other parties. An alternative to expensive, noisy and time-consuming shredders, the Kes’pon Guard Your ID Kit for $19.99 is affordable protection.

Shoppers will find products from Plus Corporation’s Kes’pon Line including the Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp, Camouflage Tape, Glue Tape, and more. The site will also feature the popular Sleep Scentsations™ line of aromatherapy pillow scents proven to provide a sleep experience like no other. The site also features the Magic Cubicle™, a stylish organization product that also offers decorative technology. Each week the site will be adding new products and adding to the existing product lines.

The site’s mission is to find the newest products on the market. And to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for the pickiest of shoppers or your money back. Offering easy shopping and easy returns. Visit the site at JAMMcatalog.com

# # #

Dream Products is a Full Service Marketing and Sales Company dedicated to representing Manufacturers of high-quality, innovative products. We specialize in placing products in large catalogs and retail outlets. We provide our customers with services that are guaranteed to promote brand awareness, increase demand for their product, and increase sales revenue by more than 50%. http://DreamShopLive.blogspot.com

New Stylish LED Sensor Lamps from The Fulcrum LIGHT IT Product Line


Happy 2011 from Fulcrum Products and  

We are excited to announce a couple of new items added to the Fulcrum Light It! Spring line up. 
Because of the great success with the wireless Porch Light, they decided to utilize the same technology to create a solution for inside the home. This is a great item to use as a night light, in nurseries, bathrooms, security light and camping/RV. 
Like the Porch Light, both darkness and motion must be present for the sensor function to work but unique to this lamp….a 3 way switch gives the customer the option of on/off or sensor.  Battery operated. 4 C cell, not included.  Now available in white or pale green. Watch for new colors to come!
NEW 8 LED Sensor Lamp 

Colors: White, Green

Start Ship: 2/15/2011
Samples: Available in 30 days
Wholesale Cost: $15.00
MSRP: $29.99
No more tired-looking nightlights to help find your way around in the dark! The Fulcrum 8 LED Motion Sensor Table Lamp looks great on a bedside table, entry way, kitchen or bathroom counter and provides instant illumination when you need it. No installation and no wires means this motion activated lamp can go anywhere in the house for security, emergency lighting or décor. The super bright LED’s are glare free and feature floodlight technology for a broad beam of light.

To Sell This Item in Your Store of for Wholesale Information Contact Us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com!

Get Innovative Glue Tape from Plus Corporation Into Your Store!

>Dream Products is proud to introduce a new line of precision glue tapes manufactured by Plus Corporation. By combining innovation and style in all of their stationery and security products, Plus has become one of the top stationery companies in the world.  Their line of glue tape is the perfect 2 for 1 special, turning messy glue into double-sided tape for easy, neat, and clean application. 

PLUS has manufactured all their glue tape to meet the demands of todays’ consumers. Using only photo safe and acid free adhesive making their products perfect for photo albums and scrapbooking. All glue is odor free and PAT tested to meet the needs of the home and office.

The adhesive tape in each model is unique and rated higher than other top brands for adhesion, separability and speed dependence. All applicators are designed for single handed use and the glue dries quickly making it perfect for craft and home use.

Plus uses a padded roller tip on all products to provide a clean application with no adhesion or surface translation problems.


  • Flip back locking cover – Protects tape from dust and contaminants.
  • Tension control torque applicator – Provides even resistance from the beginning to the end of the roll.
  • Durable recycled plastic casing.
  • Clear housing – Shows colorful internal parts.
  • Padded roller applicator- Provides cleaner application of glue to uneven paper surfaces.

Ask us about the new Glue Tape Series from Plus Corporation. Whether its for gluing on paper, wood, plastic, or metal, you’re covered!

For wholesale information contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

Get the Kes’pon ID Guard ON SALE at SafeHomeProducts.com

For those of you who have been looking for an online retailer who carries the Kes’pon ID Guard, look no further! Not only does www.SafeHomeProducts.com have them, they are running a sale!

Pay $15.95 instead of $19.99 – Save $4!

 The Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp:

This product stamps a unique pattern to permanently mask your private and confidential information. It’s convenient and light weight design makes this product a very easy and affordable alternative to buying expensive and time consuming shredders.

 There is an endless amount of ways for a thief to steal your identity; and it all starts with the thief’s ability to get access to certain key pieces of information that belong to you. Here’s just a few things the thief is looking for:

  • Your Social Security Card
  • Your Driver’s License 
  • Your Account Numbers, Pins and Passwords

But for those of you who have never encountered such an evil person might wonder, besides stealing your wallet or purse or hacking your computer, how can someone do this to you?

In this world, the answers to that question vary from obvious to the very unusual. Here are just a couple of the sources a thief may go to obtain your personal information:

  • Your trash. Because people find it hard to believe that anyone would want to go through garbage cans, they throw away things like unsolicited credit card applications, old bills, expired credit cards, unused checking account deposit slips and countless other papers. So, for the identity thief, “dumpster diving” can provide a rich collection of personal information that can be used to become you.  
  •  Your mailbox. In the wrong hands, your incoming mail can be a the jackpot spot for information about you. A bill from your credit card company, a statement from your checking account, an unsolicited offer of a new, pre-approved credit card (complete with application). And your outgoing mail may include personal checks you are sending to pay bills (containing your routing and checking account numbers). If you don’t have a locked mailbox for incoming and outgoing mail, you are vulnerable. 

Just a few reasons to keep your home safe by keeping your identity safe!! 

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