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New Product! VBlast Vitamin Spring Water!

Bottled at the source with natural flavors and sugar free, this unique drink stores liquid vitamins inside the bottle cap so that you decide when to mix! This keeps vitamins fresh and potent, unlike other drinks which degrade while sitting on the shelf! Choose from 8 All Natural Flavors – Strawberry Kiwi, Wild Berry, Grape, Orange, Green Tea, Pomegranate Cherry, Peach Tea, Acai
Undiluted vitamins maintain their freshness, and more importantly their potency, until the beverage is consumed. Unlike other enhanced water beverages whose nutritional value dissipates with time, VBLAST ingredients are protected.
 These vitamin drinks are SUGAR FREE and have NO CALORIES, and NO CARBS, and NO Caffeine. The vitamins are stored in the cap in a concentrate NOT diluted in the water where they can, over time, lose potency. You decide when to release fresh, liquid vitamins into pure spring water.
Queen Latifah‘s Flavor Unit Entertainment recently became part owners of New York Spring Water.New York Spring Water markets the V-Blast vitamin water, V-Bee multi-vitamin water for kids,  and Aqua 84 enhanced mineral water.



Glow Laces Now Available at Your Local Bed Bath and Beyond!

Our Newest product, Glow Laces from Go Wireless America, is now available at select Bed Bath and Beyond Stores! These incredible LED shoelaces will light up your day or night! Use them to make a fun fashion statement or for safety at night.
The powerful LEDs in the laces have three light settings: Steady on, Slow Flash, and Fast Flash! Use your glow laces with any laced shoe, boot, or skate, and they will stay lit for up to 70 hours before needing new batteries!
Glow laces are made to last for the long haul with coated plastic that is weatherproof, washable, heat resistant, durable, and safe. You can cut the laces to shorten them, or even stretch them out to make them longer.
Glow laces can also be warn as a bracelet or fasted to handbags or back packs! Safe for children over the age of 6.

New LED Anywhere Lighting from Fulcrum

The Fulcrum Company is infamous for creating and marketing innovative, energy-efficient, and affordable LED lighting products that solve everyday lighting problems, reduce our carbon footprint, and save money.

They conceive and develop products along three primary tracks to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction:

  •   Improving the quality of the light output of LEDs
  •   Designing products to address specific customer needs
  •   Employing the simplest and most robust solutions

The Competitive Advantages of selling the Fulcrum line of LIGHT IT! are the:

  • Floodlight Technology – provides more usable light to the user
  • High Quality Manufacturing – better designs, better fit & finish

View the newest items from the LIGHT IT! Line: 

The 6-LED Multiflex Work Light

  •  LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  •  6 “FLOODLIGHT” LEDS – provide more light & broader coverage than other multi-LED work lights
  •  HEAVY DUTY CLAMP – wide mouth, articulating clamp attaches securely on uneven surfaces
  •  METAL FLEX NECK – adjusts instantly to aim light, doesn’t “bounce” or move



  •  DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – made from impact resistant ABS plastic
  •  MULTIPLE USES – great for BBQ, work bench, home or office…makes a great camp light!
  •  ATTRACTIVE – sleek, elegant design that simply works better
  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – extend battery life, never need replacement
  •  BATTERIES – uses 3 AA Batteries (sold separately)

The Lanterna Touch 12 LED Wireless Lamp 


  • LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  • TOUCH TOP OPERATION – Turns on or off with the mere touch of fingertip
  •  12 LEDS – illuminate your table, desk, or work area
  •  MULTIPLE USES – outdoor dining, home accent, dorms, camping, RVs
  •  EMERGENCIES – works like a lantern…hand carry or use hands-free


  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – extend battery life, never need replacement
  • ATTRACTIVE – sleek, simple design complements any table or décor
  • VIBRANT COLORS – dress up your table or spice up your room
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – tough ABS plastic body
  • BATTERIES – operates up to 36 hours on 3 AA batteries (sold separately)

The 28-LED MegaLight


  •   LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  •  ULTRA BRIGHT – 28 ultra-bright LEDs allow you to see garment colors clearly, and perform tasks more easily
  •  VERSATILE –  perfect for closets, utility rooms, attic, garage, workshop, shed, boats, RVs, & camping
  •  4-WAY MOUNTING SYSTEM –  keyhole mounting plate, magnets (3), hanging hook, or stands on flat surface
  •  INSTANT INSTALLATION – installs in minutes, no wiring necessary
  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – extend battery life, never need replacement
  •  SAFE – cool to the touch
  •  ATTRACTIVE – sleek, simple design blends in to any room
  •  BATTERIES – uses 6 C Batteries (sold separately)

Drawer Light – 2 pack


  •  LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  •  VALUE 2-PACK – a quick and economical lighting solution right out of the package
  •  MULTIPLE USES – great for drawers, shelves, cabinets, closets, cars, boats, RVs, and more
  •  MOUNTS ANYWHERE – no wires, no plugs…perfect anywhere you need a little extra light
  •  EASY INSTALLATION – installs instantly using supplied adhesive tape
  •  EASY TO OPERATE – tap on / tap off operation makes it easy for anyone to use
  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – extend battery life, never need replacement
  •  BATTERIES – uses 2 CR-2032 button batteries (included)

The 12-LED MultiFlex Floor Magnifier Lamp


  •  LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  •  CRYSTAL CLEAR OPTICS – optical quality acrylic lens plus ultra-bright LEDs equals stunning clarity
  •  WIDE VIEWING AREA – large 5” lens lets you read a book, newspaper, or view your entire task
  •  MULTIPLE POWER – 2x main lens is perfect for reading or tasks or use 6x for fine details
  • 1 2 LEDS – flood the page with light for improved visual acuity and to prevent eyestrain
  •  ADJUSTABLE – durable metal flex neck adjusts quickly and easily…stays in position
  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – cost pennies to operate, extend battery life, never need replacement
  •  DUAL POWER OPTIONS – use with supplied AC adapter or with batteries for enhanced portability
  •  BATTERIES – operates for approx 60 hours using 3 “D” batteries (sold separately)

For Wholesale Information on any of these products contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

New Product!! Light Up Dog Collars! Walk your Dog Safely at Night.

Our newest product comes from the same manufacturer as the Glow LacesGo Wireless America (GWA).

These colors are an awesome idea for walking your dog at night! Available in small (14-17”) and medium (16”- 19”) and in the colors pink, black/grey, neon green, and neon orange.


 The LED Strips are powered by two easily found (at Radio Shack) Lithium Ion batteries.  In Flashing mode they last 80 hours, and in constant on mode, up to 60 hours.

  • Press once for quick flashing
  • Press twice for slow flashing
  • Press three times for constant on
  • Press 4 times for off


COOL CARE Sponsors The Hollywood Beauty Event by LAGLOW

COOL CARE is an official sponsor of The Hollywood Beauty Event by LAGLOW

Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 7:30 AM Monday, April 16, 2012 at 11:30 PM (PT) At the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City, CA

The Hollywood Beauty Event is the 2-day hands on training event where you learn from the best of the best in fashion, film, beauty, and editorial hair and makeup artistry. Don’t miss your chance to experience the event that puts you on the fast track to success!

New Product! LaGranada Authentic Mediterranean Style Dips

LaGranada follows centuries of old traditions to bring to you homemade recipes based on grandmothers’ cooking from all over the Mediterranean countries. This first basket of five pomegranate based products chosen from dozens of original dips, is only a small array of the healthiest popular dips from those countries. Pomegranate molasses were used since ancient times in those Mediterranean countries for their health benefit and to enhance the rich flavor of their dishes. LaGranada offers you tasty, healthy, natural and colorful dips that give a pinch and zest to a Mediterranean Mezze table. Granada’s motto is innovation while respecting traditions. LaGranada dips are also Kosher!

The Jerusalem dip Matbukha has Moroccan roots. 
The two main currents that can be seen in the cuisine 
of Jerusalem are foods originating 
from the Middle East and traditional foods brought 
by immigrants from
Europe and the West.This dip is so popular in Jerusalem you could
see it on most tables next to hummus.Matbukha is a delicious cooked dish of tomatoes and
roasted peppers seasoned with garlic and chili pepper.It is served as an appetizer, often as part of a Mezze.

This Moroccan dip represents a very diverse cuisine, 
which has been greatly influenced by the interaction
of Morocco with the outside world for centuries. The 
cooks in the royal kitchens of Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh,
Rabat and Tetouan refined Moroccan cuisine over the 
centuries and created the base for what is now known as 
Moroccan cuisine.Zaalook mixes the complementing tastes of eggplant,
tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, spices and pomegranate 
concentrate. It is usually served as an appetizer or 
as a dip with crusty bread or tortillas. It is also a 
common side dish to many meals.

Before modern canning methods were available,
Italians dried tomatoes on their tile roofs for use
in winter when fresh tomatoes were not an option. 
Nowadays, sun-dried tomatoes (pomodori secchi
in Italian) have gained widespread use in the USA 
as a gourmet item.Pimmaduori Sicatti is a delicious dip made with
sun-dried tomatoes which gives it a burst of flavor 
complemented by the sweetness of roasted 
red peppers, fresh tomatoes seasoned with garlic, 
extra virgin olive oil and flavored with fresh 
thyme and Kalamata olives.This sun-dried tomato dish is rich with vitamins
and minerals.A true modern Mediterranean-style healthy Gourmet Dip.

The Spanish dip Escalivada comes from the Catalan 
verb escalivar, which is the process of cooking food 
slowly and very close to the coals of a barbecue. 
The smokiness of the charcoal enriches the food 
and gives it an earthy quality. Its soul comes 
from the open fire.Escalivada consists of several types of grilled
vegetables: eggplants, sweet red peppers, ripe 
red tomatoes and sweet onions seasoned 
with Extra Virgin olive oil, garlic, jalapenos 
and spices.Escalivada can be served on its own as an
appetizer or as an accompaniment to meat or 
fish dishes.A beautifully colorful dish and an elegant addition
to a classy dinner party.

The Syrian dip Mhammara (also known as
Muhammara) is mostly notorious for its
walnut content; but what really makes its
distinct flavor are its sweet peppers as well
as its hot aromatic spices.A typical Syrian meal begins with Mezze,
a spread of hors d’oeuvres. Mhammara
holds the flavor of the cuisine of the
northeast city of Aleppo, well known for
its culinary traditions.
Mhammara is a sweet pepper, ground walnuts,
breadcrumbs, extra virgin olive oil and
pomegranate molasses dip.
Mhammara is eaten as a dip or spread on toast.
It is also enjoyed as a spicy sauce for grilled
meats, fish or kebab.



Every Salon Should Have Cool Care Heat Protectors and Decorated Mini Flat Irons!

Cool Care® Heat Protectors give Salons protection from heat and clutter.  Cool Care® Heat Protectors are 100% Stainless Steel with top openings to help cool down your hair tools and will protect you or a child’s skin from harm’s way. These holders have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and are machine washable! AND BEST OF ALL they are a great way to organize your hair tools and keep your area neat!


Cool Care® offers both wall-mountable and table top options.  There are two wall-mountable models (directions, inserts, and mounting screws included) that safely hold two hot curling irons with a hook for a blow dryer located underneath for easy access. All models of COOLCARE® Have the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Seal of Approval!  The Wall Mountable option is available for $29.99 + $9.50 shipping at http://americanbeauty.ws Credit Cards and Paypal accepted.
Table Top:

The Table top Cool Care® model is GUARANTEED NOT TO TIP OVER even with the largest of curling irons and comes already assembled – you don’t have to put it together and you can take it with you wherever you go! All models of COOLCARE® Have the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Seal of Approval! The Table top option is available for $34.99 + $9.50 Shipping at http://americanbeauty.ws  Credit Cards and Paypal accepted.
Mini Flat Iron: 

The Decorated Cool Care® Mini Flat Iron comes in a playful pink and white print and comes with a matching Pink Storage Bag.  This mini size flat iron is also known as a “Detailer” in the world of hair styling and is perfect for bangs, shorter layers, and getting close to the hair root.   The Cool Care® mini flat iron features ceramic plates and heats up to 200 degrees Celsius in 1 minute! It’s small enough to become a staple item in your purse.  All models of COOLCARE® Have the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Seal of Approval!  The Mini Flat Iron is available for $19.95 + $5.95 Shipping at http://americanbeauty.ws Credit Cards and Paypal accepted.
Cool Care® has a selection of variety packages containing flat Iron, matching bag, and table top or wall-mountable heat protectors, that is the best value for your money and will make great gifts for birthdays and holidays!FOR WHOLESALE INFORMATION OR IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SALES REPRESENTATIVE/BROKER FOR YOUR PRODUCTS CONTACT US AT DREAMSHOPLIVE@GMAIL.COM 

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