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New Product! ZenRay RelaxBag Wellness Pillows!

Dream b2b Products now represents The ZenRay line of Wellness Pillows! Also known as a RelaxBag, it can be used anywhere you sit, lounge, recline or sleep AND it can and be used as a carry all bag. It is Universal. The enormous health benefits and the fashionable design make the ZenRay relaxbag a lifestyle product rather than just a health care device.
Enjoy both aromatherapy and integrated speakers added to exceptional quality and features found in the Relaxbag classic.
The built-in aromatherapy not found in the Classic, make the ZenRay Deluxe a perfect lifestyle product for everyone.

The ZenRay classic is a perfect and affordable lifestyle product for everyone who can appreciate the specific support for back, neck, and lumbar.

  • Comes in 2 Colors
  • Relax in Style
  • Removable Aromatherapy
  • UV Resistant
  • Naturally Aligns Spine
  • Velour Cover
  • Get Better Sleep
  • Supports Head & Neck
  • Anti-Allergen
  • Lumbar Support
  • Increase Productivity
  • Carries Your Laptop
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Memory Foam Pillow
  • Portable
  • Water resistant
  • Carry-all Tote & Pillow
  • Machine Washable
  • Play Your Music
  • Fits All Audio Players



Sleep Scentsations Partners with WakeMate to Scientifically Test the Sleep Benefits of Aromatherapy


Are you tired of feeling tired? Want to gain valuable insight into what affects your sleep quality so you can improve it? Sleep Scentsations wants to help you using an amazing sleep monitoring wrist band and the new Phone Application from WakeMate!

The WakeMate is a comfortable wristband that you wear when you sleep. It measures subtle body movements—a scientifically proven method of Actigraphy to map dips and peaks in your sleep cycle.

Actigraphs are devices generally placed on the wrist (although they can also be placed on the ankle or trunk) to record movement. Collected data is downloaded to a computer (or in this case your phone!) for display and analysis of activity/ inactivity that in turn can be further analyzed to estimate wake/sleep. The latter technology is based on the observation that there is less movement during sleep and more movement during wake.

The wristband communicates directly with your mobile phone to calculate the ideal wake time closest to your alarm setting. When you wake up, your night’s sleep data is automatically uploaded to Wakelytics™, their online analytics platform.

The Wakelytics™ platform allows you to see a comprehensive overview and comparison of sleep quality scores, number of nightly awakenings, time before falling asleep, and more.

When you go to bed at night, set your WakeMate alarm for the latest time you’d like to wake up. The WakeMate will rouse you up to 20 minutes prior, at a point when you’ll feel alert and refreshed

You can also drill down into each night’s detailed statistics, including:
•Your hourly sleep score
•A minute-by-minute breakdown of your sleep state

•How the night compares to your lifetime averages

The Wakelytics Comparison Tool

The best part is that you can track anything you can think of using their Comparison Tool. This took allows you to see how different health, nutrition, and daily life activities affect your sleep so you can make better choices.

Sleep Scentsations plans on using the Wakelytics Comparison Tool to test different methods like Aromatherapy to supplement sleep and to determine whether Sleep Scentsations Aromatherapy Pillow liners are scientifically beneficial as a treatment for better, longer sleep! Stay Tuned for the Results!


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Sleep Scentsations has added New and Improved Aromatherapy Scents!


Sleep Scentsations has updated our website to offer a much more RELAXING Shopping Experience!! They’ve also added 4 New and Improved Scents to their line!
An improved version of their favorite fresh fragrance!  Relax and find your inner peace with the perfect aromatherapy blend of lavender and soothing chamomile that will help you enjoy a better nights sleep.
Passions ignite with the warm , seductive essence of sandalwood, vanilla and honey.  These scents are known as aphrodisiacs and might just help you get in the mood.
A NEW fresh fragrance!  Lift your spirits and recover from mental fatigue with a restful blend of rosemary and peppermint.
An improved version of our popular selling White Tea and Lily Scent.  This spa favorite will create a peaceful escape filled with the sweet scent of beautiful garden lily and white tea.


Spring Sale! Get a Month’s Supply of Sleep Scentsations for Only $15.99


Spring Sale!!

A month’s supply of Sleep Scentsations (a box of 8 liners) is now only $15.99!! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!


Sleep Scentsations will help you create a more relaxing sleep experience tonight. Our aromatherapy products will have you feeling more relaxed as soon as you rest your head on the pillow and breathe in the subtle aromatic blend of essential oil and fragrance.

Start getting a better nights sleep now by choosing your favorite scent, simply place the Sleep Scentsations liner on your pillow and enjoy Pleasant Dreams!

Any Buyers Looking for Alternatives to Children’s Cold and Flu Medications?

>While cold and flu season in the U.S. begins in October and runs through May, there’s never a bad time to strengthen natural defenses like washing your hands, staying hydrated, getting enough vitamins and sunlight, and considering alternatives like homeopathic remedies.

The common cold is the most frequent infectious disease in people, averaging two to four infections a year in adults and up to six to twelve in children, according to WebMD.

Children metabolize medicines differently than adults do. So it’s always good to err on the side of caution and consult with your doctor when your kids have a fever or when giving your kids any over the counter medication.

In 2008, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory, strongly recommending that over-the-counter cold and cough medication not be given to children under the age of two.

A recent study in Pediatrics found the combination of camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oils can reduce a child’s cold symptoms and help those with upper-respiratory infections sleep better. “Eucalyptus by itself can be quite helpful,” noted Dr. Rosen.

Homeopathic medicines are generally considered a safer option for treatment. Defined by their therapeutically active micro-doses of mineral, botanical and biological substances, they may be enough to treat the cold or flu, without many of the adverse side effects. They are widely used in Europe and are becoming more popular options with parents in the U.S. who are looking for alternatives to typical over-the-counter cold and cough treatments.

Sleep Scentsations’ Snore Rx formula is a therapeutic blend containing Eucalyptus.  It is a great choice when looking for a safer, more natural way to calm your child’s cold or flu symptoms right under their pillow!

Snore Rx has multiple uses….. 

1.       Reduces snoring
2.       Essential oils in this formula open the nasal passages to allow for easier breathing
3.       A great spa like aroma
4.       It’s Drug free!


For wholesale Inquiries on Sleep Scentsations email us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

Sleep Scentsations Scent of The Month: Day At The Beach


As the weather starts getting colder and colder in some areas, there’s 1 Out of the 8 Scents that Sleep Scentsations carries, that can mentally take you somewhere warmer.

Who doesn’t love going to the beach and smelling the ocean breeze?  But how many of you even in the summer really have the time to actually get you and your family there?

Well this might explain the reasoning we’ve seen a growing interest in the “Day at The Beach” Pillow Scent. This scent will have you feel like you are falling asleep on your beach towel with the scents of the ocean air, warm sand, and suntan lotion (without the sand in your bathing suit! haha)

For many people, the beach is an extremely relaxing experience.  As you soak up the sun, you are also smelling the scents of the beach you do not normally smell on a regular basis.  Scents like the ocean air, warm sand and your suntan lotion, once inhaled through the nose into your limbic system,  will automatically trigger your memories of the beach and the relaxing feeling that comes along with them. 

Sleep Scentsations Aromatherapy Pillow Liners are the perfect no-mess alternative to bed linen sprays and can bring the Beach to you. 

Why not enjoy a little piece of the relaxing Beach as you fall asleep at night?  It’s also Sun-Burn Free!!!

For more information or Wholesale inquiries Contact Us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

Dream Products Partners with Sleep Scentsations in Donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

>Sleep Scentsations™ a line of Aromatherapy Pillow Scents promoting better sleep and overall health and wellness, has announced their decision to contribute a percentage of October sales to their local Susan G. Komen Foundation in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Sleep Scentsations will be donating a portion of all October’s online sales as well as Free Shipping on all orders to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Houston, Texas affiliate.  Located in Houston, Texas, Sleep Scentsations’ pillow liners specialize in promoting a better nights sleep by utilizing aromatherapy benefits to ease snoring, promote relaxation, control nicotine and food cravings, relieve stress, and induce better mood and overall health. Dream Products will be helping with all promotion of the event!

Sleep Scentsations hopes that this partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation can also increase awareness of the importance of Sleep, especially for those living with Cancer and other forms of disease. Unfortunately, many people live with agonizing and life altering sleep disorders and the importance of sleep is often overlooked.

There are many reasons our bodies need sleep. Sleep is our bodies’ way of rejuvenating. It is the period in which we lower the energy levels expelled each day, our muscles and soft tissue are repaired and revitalized, and our mind is able to process memories and things we have learned for the day. Increased periods of time without sleep often leads to hallucinations, poor mental clarity, breaking down the body’s immune system, provoking disease, or even death. Sleep Scentsations encourages everyone to purchase the Gift of Sleep for a friend, family member or co-worker this holiday season.

The history of the Komen Houston Affiliate is rich with many dedicated and passionate breast cancer survivors, volunteers and advocates who donate their time, energy and knowledge to the mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. The Affiliate has grown tremendously since its beginning. To date the Affiliate has awarded more than $22 million in grants for breast cancer education, screening and treatment in our seven county service area. In addition, the Affiliate has donated more than $7 million for breast cancer research to help find a cure for this disease.

Unfortunately, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women and is the second leading cause of cancer death among women. However, if breast cancer can be diagnosed early, the probability of surviving the disease increases dramatically. After years of extensive research that has improved treatments, 95 percent of women diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer live for at least five years after their diagnosis. Early detection saves lives.

For more information visit:

To contribute by purchasing Sleep Scentsations visit: http://www.sleepscentsations.com

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