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Back Saving ProHandle to be Sold to Public by The Home Depot

GARDEN CITY, N.Y., Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Trentco Innoventions announces a strategic partnership with The Home Depot to distribute their back friendly ProHandle® to the general public. A revolutionary device that attaches to shovels, mops, rakes and other long-handled tools, the ProHandle® helps reduce painful and costly back injuries by reducing the need to bend while performing a variety of tasks when using long handled stick-tools both indoors or out.
“While new to the general public, government, state and city agencies have been using the ProHandle® device for years – primarily as a result of the diverse, multi-seasonal tasks and numerous user-configurations available,” remarked Frank Saladino, Founder and CEO of Trentco Innoventions, manufacturer of the ProHandle®. “The result is a customized fit for both genders that reduces bending by as much as 10 inches.
” Back-pain costs American businesses tens of billions of dollars per year in lost work, Workers’ Compensation, medical expenses, and pain medications. “If it can prevent just a small percentage of back injuries,” noted Saladino, “the ProHandle® could save U.S. businesses millions of dollars annually in lost productivity.”
Of the many notable statistics associated with the ProHandle®, Frank Saladino observes that his favorite factoid is that the ProHandle® was used to install all of the grass in the new Yankee Stadium; which he feels contributed to bringing the World Series Championship back to NY. Ergonomically designed knobs allow the ProHandle® to be easily attached or removed and are designed for ease of use by the gloved hand of a worker or those with arthritic conditions, particularly among the Boomer population and can also withstand repetitive shock, especially when digging in snow or in the garden.
The ProHandle® has proven to be so successful that Trentco Innoventions is currently designing an entire line of tools based around the ProHandle® which are planned to be manufactured in USA. The ProHandle® has even achieved “cult-like” status: In an interesting twist, the ProHandle® was the very last product Billy Mays ever pitched in an infomercial before his untimely passing.  It aired briefly, but for the most part has never been promoted to or seen by the general public. It can be viewed on YouTube by searching Billy Mays ProHandle.
About Trentco Innoventions:
Trentco Innoventions is a fully integrated product design and manufacturing firm with a complete injection mold facility. With over a quarter century of experience and an expertise in electrical and mechanical design, Trentco Innoventions is committed to the development of products that enrich the quality of life for all that use them

New Product! The Pro-Handle!

Dream b2P Products is excited to announce our newest product – The PRO-HANDLE, Manufactured by: Trentco Inoventions

The Pro-Handle- Work Smarter not Harder!!!

The Pro-Handle reduces the need to bend while performing a variety of tasks when using long handled stick-tools both indoors or out.

The Pro-Handle easily helps to prevent back injury by promoting wise movement and lifting

One can work stronger and more efficiently with less effort.
Great for snow shoveling , gardening, pool cleaning, mopping, sweeping and more.


To get a display of Pro-Handles in your store, or for wholesale information, contact us at DREAMSHOPLIVE@GMAIL.COM

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