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New Line of School Scissors and Staplers from Plus Corporation’s Innovative Stationary Line


Along with the camouflage folders, camouflage tape, glue tape, and id guard, Dream Products offers innovative and stylish School Scissors and Power Assisted Staplers from Plus Corporation’s line of Stationary items.

The School Scissors are designed with a soft, thick grip designed to make it easy for children to
hold onto the scissors tightly. These Soft materials also keep childrens’ hands from hurting, which can discourage creativity!

The scissors also come with a rounded safety tip and innovative non-stick fluorine coated blades that resist
the adhesion of tape and glue (perfect for holiday gift wrapping parents)!

The Plus stapler while small in size, offers increased stapling power!

Using the principle of the fulcrum, they have increased the stapling power by 50% (compared to standard products) so you can quickly, easily and comfortably use the stapler for many hours.

Each stapler comes with simplified top loading refills and one-touch staple loading lets you just open the handle and put in the staples.

Even with its small size, each stapler holds 100 staples and has a staple-saving feature that makes sure that the first staple isn’t wasted.

It also offers an easy-to-carry size, about the size of a business card. The stapler fits easily into the palm
of even a small hand (and pencil box ofcourse).

The rounded shape is comfortable and a dimpled upper cover allows for a strong grip and optimal stapling power. The small size combined with the light pressure needed to operate, make this a great stapler for children.

For wholesale information and pricing contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

New Camouflage Folders and Clipboards for Confidential Information

>Two new and innovative ideas from the Plus Corporation line of stationary products is the Camouflage Folder and Clipboard.

See the title at a glance while small letters are unreadable. A simple and elegant solution for managing your confidential documents.  

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The special pattern printed on the front and back of the
polypropylene folder makes the documents inside difficult to read. However, you
can still read large letters to confirm the folder contents without having to
remove the documents. Stylishly carry and organize your confidential
documents while protecting your private information from prying eyes.


With the Camouflage Clipboard, documents can be firmly held on the board with the clip. The clipboard material is thin and light, yet sturdy enough to write on.

For Wholesale Pricing and Information on these items contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com!

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