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Beadelle Holiday Ornament Collection

Hey all, It’s me Laurie!

Well,  Domaine has come up with a beautiful extension to its Beadelle(R) Collection.  They have designed beautifully detailed Beadelle(R) Holiday Ornaments.   Nothing says Christmas like sparkly ornaments in the tree!   Each year, Domaine will create two new ornaments to add to the Beadelle(R) Holiday Ornament Collection.  These are collectable items that can become family heirlooms for generations to come.  They are made with high quality crystal that will sparkle year after year.  Your holiday display will radiate elegance and will be the envy of all your friends.

Well, that’s all for now.  Talk to you all again soon!

You can purchase them at www.domaineconsumergoods.com

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Hottest Jewelry Trend for 2010!

Hi All!  It’s me, Laurie.

I am so excited about this new designer line produced by Domaine Ltd.  It is called Beadelle(R) by Domaine.  If you love things that sparkle, as most of us do, you will be a big fan of this line.

Beadelle(R) by Domaine is fashionable, unique and most importantly sparkly. The beautiful Beadelle(R) beads are in a class of their own.  First you had diamond, then there was emerald’s and NOW you have BEADELLE(R).

This is the hottest new jewelry trend for 2010.  I expect the  Beadelle(R) Collection is here to stay.  You will see more and more items made with those gorgeous Beadelle(R) Pave’ beads as the year moves on.

Talk to you again soon!

Beadelle(R) by Domaine is 2010’s New Designer Bling

Good morning all!

It’s me Laurie, your very likable Gadget Gandhi!

Today’s post is all about “Bling”.

I found a great new product line called Beadelle”(R) by Domaine.   This line gives a new meaning to the word “bling” and fits perfectly into my price range.  If you like things that sparkle and don’t have lots of money to spend on diamonds, emeralds or rubies then Beadelle(R) by Domaine is the jewelry for you.

Now, I love things that sparkle!   Beadelle(R) by Domaine offers many different colors of Pave beads to match any outfit.  This style is my favorite.  A simple Pave’ Bead on a chain with matching earrings.  The best thing is, it looks very expensive.

This particular style with Silver Pave’ Beads and Fancy Rhondelle’s would be something I would wear for a night on the town.  People will be wondering what the price tag is for this unique sparkly necklace.  Let them wonder!

These great earrings made with Gold Pave’ Beads can be worn with a number of outfits.  To me, earrings are the greatest accessory.  You can wear sparkly earrings with jeans or even a cute cocktail dress, your choice.  Earrings that sparkle have great versatility

I believe that the jewelry you wear says a lot about you.  For example,  your girl friend is wearing high priced jewelry (diamonds, sapphire’s or emerald’s).  Your thinking “I wish I could afford that”, right? The truth is, we don’t like looking second best to our friends.  The solution is easy.   Beadelle(R) by Domaine’s designer line.  It’s as sparkly as diamonds, you can get the versatility of colors like sapphire’s and rubies, plus it looks high priced!  The best part is, it’s affordable for me and you.

The Beadelle(R) by Domaine collection is affordable for the majority of us.  It’s a must have and will be the hottest fashion trend in 2010.

That’s all for now.  Talk to you again soon!

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