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Charging Stations- How Do You Choose The Right One?

Hi Everyone!  It’s me again, Laurie.  Your very own Gadget Gandhi here to provide you consumer information.

Gen Z Power- Eco Friendly Charging Station

I have done research on Charging Stations.  The Gen Z Power is truly a great item.  I have enclosed a link to a blog I found on Green Gadgeting for this item.  This blog gives a lot of helpful information on green, energy-efficient products when deciding on the right gadget for you.  The Gen Z Power comes with 11 adapters and 2 removable usb ports. It can charge more than 1500 various models of mobile devices.  The item is Eco Friendly because it shuts off the power to your device when it is done charging.  This adds to the longevity of your device and a lower consumption of electricity.  This technology does its part to keep those batteries out of the landfill as well as save you money on new rechargeable batteries and electricity.

Currently you can find this item at Think Geek and Cable Organizers.

Color: Black–Price of the Gen Z Power  $59.99

Currently you can find this item at: Think Geek or CableOrganizers




Sanctuary Charging Station

If you’re like me, you want to make sure you know what you’re buying.  I found a product by the name of “Sanctuary Charging Station”.  It is a device with built-in connectors similar to the concept of the Gen Z Power.  This device has 11 connectors and 1 usb port.  This device is compatible with 1500 various mobile devices. I couldn’t find any information on automatic shut off when the device is fully charged.  I can neither say it does or it doesn’t have this feature.  This device does have an interesting extra feature not currently available with the Gen Z Power.  You can buy up to 6 extra connectors to plug into the USB port to charge a PSP or a Nintendo Game Console.

Various Colors– Price for Sanctuary Charging Station: $129.99-$149.99

Currently you can fine this item at: Bluelounge and Red Envelope.



Duracell My Grid

The third item I have reviewed is called the Duracell My Grid.  Very interesting item.   This brings charging to a whole new level.  Duracell My Grid is a WIRELESS charging station. (I truly love this technology!!!!)  Basically, you put your cell phone on the charger mat and it charges.  Simple as that.  The Grid is able to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. Unfortunately, with all great advances in technology, there is always a down side.  All the phones need to have a power clip or power sleeve attached so the phone can charge wirelessly.  The Duracell My Grid provides power clips for the Blackberry, Motorola and Nokia units at this time. You need a power clip or power sleeve to regulate the current for each device.  I am certain this technology will advance.  It is only a matter of time before manufacturers insert a power clip for the wireless charging in all mobile devices.  This is just the beginning of a great technological advance in mobile technology.

Color: Black- Price of the Duracell MyGrid $69.99-$79.99

Currently you can find this item at Amazon and Staples



It is my analysis, that the Gen Z Power is the best device for the money. I like the extra feature of the Sanctuary but not enough to pay double for the unit. I guess if I was a gamer, the extra feature would be something that I would consider.  As for the Duracell MyGrid.  I LOVE the whole idea of charging with no wires!  I do however need to consider that I can only charge my cell phone and not my iPod and I need to add a power clip to my device.   I am certain this item will be my next “buy” for the future.  But for now, I’ll wait until they build a power clip in mobile devices.

Note: Click any of the photos above to purchase the item in the picture.

New Gadget- Gen Z Power Charging Station

Hello all!  It’s me again, your very lovable Gadget Gandhi!

I have patiently awaited the release of the New Gen Z Power.  I have been told I have the patience of an ant but that’s another story.  It is finally happening.  I am alerting all the techno- junkies, like myself, of the release of The New Gen Z Power. This is a fantastic, must have item.  I can charge my cell phone, my iPod and my husband’s cell phone all at once without even looking for our chargers. I don’t need my computer to charge our  iTouch, and a Charging Station to charge the rest of my mobile gadgets.  I can do it all with The Gen Z Power.  Everything is built in.  This is the Next Generation in charging stations.

The company that manufactures this item is Domaine Ltd.  Domaine Ltd expanded its well known jewelry and novelty business in January 2010.  This expansion was the birth of a Consumer Goods Division called “Domaine Consumer Goods”.  Domaine Consumer Goods is devoted to bringing new innovative technology to the US market.  With their highly inspired and creative team, DCG’s  plans are to make an impact with the latest gadgets and gizmos for all the techno-junkies out there.   I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

This item is being sold at Cable Organizers.


Click any of the photo’s and it will bring you to Cable Organizers site so you can get your own Gen Z Power!

Powermat vs GenZ- The New Age in Technology

Good morning all!  It’s me Laurie, your very likeable Gadget Gandhi!

The world is forever changing and so is our technology.  With the introduction of the PC and the internet, the world has been on a tech- revolution for the past few decades.  In the past couple of years, I have seen the greatest technology to hit the tech-revolution since the introduction of the internet or the cell phone.  It is called wireless charging.  What is wireless charging you ask?  Wireless charging is the ability to charge your hand-held devices without any wires.  No more adapters and no more wires, just put your device on the mat and that’s it!  Charge!

At the beginning of 2009, the world was introduced to the Powermat.  I have to admit, seeing one of the first wireless devices gave me shivers.  What an amazing device! This device oozed cutting edge technology.  A way to change all the wires and cords as we know it, but being familiar with gadgets and gizmos, I realized that this technology is in its infancy stages.  I know there will be much more amazing things to come!  (Kudos to the engineers at Powermat!)

After seeing that device, I needed to investigate.  I had so many questions.

  1. How does it charge wirelessly?
  2. Is it cost-effective to run?
  3. Does it need accessories to work?
  4. How much is it?

The Powermat charges by using Magnetic induction.  Basically, you need to attach a receiver to your device that will sync with the Powermat.  Each one of your devices will need a receiver to work with the Powermat.  Per the people at Powermat, this system is as cost-effective as using your current adapters. After much investigating of the Powermat, I realized a couple of things.  1) This is truly a great device. Just the fact you can electrically charge a device without the wires is truly amazing.  You do however need to purchase various adapters in addition to purchasing the Powermat to power up your devices. This brings me to: 2) The Powermat is expensive for the average person.  The Powermat retails for $99.99.  The additional adapters range from $30-$40 depending on what you need; adding additional cost to the wireless charging.

The GenZ, which is also a charging device, works on a different concept. GenZ Power is a charging station produced by Domaine Consumer Goods.  I have seen many charging devices.  In this day and age of personal wireless electronics, I see charging stations as an absolute necessity.  Without them, we would have the spaghetti of wires all over our house and office.  GenZ Power provides the unique concept of built-in adapters in the charging unit.  No more looking for the correct charging cord.  Currently, I use it for two cell phones and my iPod.  I truly love this device.

Main Features for the GenZ Power:

  • Built in with 13 of the most common connectors which includes 2 USB ports
  • LED light indicating status of charging (Flashing when charging)
  • Different voltage for each connector with IC control
  • Auto cut-off when battery is fully charges  (Green Charging Station)
  • Can charge up to 4 devices at the same time

What makes the GenZ most appealing is its price.  This item retails for $59.99.  You don’t need to purchase additional applications to make this item work.  Just open the box and use.  The product shows on the back panel of its packaging the adapters that are inside the device. No question about knowing what you are getting.  The people at Domaine Consumer Goods have done a remarkable job with this item.  It is not as advanced as wireless charging but it eliminates looking for the chargers at half the price.

Well that’s all for now!!

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