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Dream Products is excited to represent more products from the Rest Easy Bed Bug Line! This line has been very successful in retail locations nationwide and has kept hotels around the country bed bug free!

The Rest Easy Back Pack Liners are a TRUE GREEN product, made with organically treated fabric that KILLS bed bugs!  It is an Eco Friendly Product!


Rest Easy is truly based 100% on all-natural ingredients, being one of, if not the only, TRUE GREEN product on the market (pyrethrins, which are in many bedbug products, are actually based on synthetic chemicals that are only similar to natural ingredients)

Rest Easy meets full requirements of the USDA for use around Organic Food processing

Rest Easy, due to the EPA’s recognition of its ingredients’ safety, meets all requirements for exemption from classical pesticide registration as having Minimum Risk

Rest Easy is an optimized blend of natural ingredients that have been recognized for controlling insects for 1,000’s of years

Rest Easy is HIGHLY effective, killing 90% of bedbugs within 2 seconds of contact, and the rest within 30 minutes (a study by one of the two leading universities on bedbugs indicates that pyrethrins / pyrethroids are NOT effective)

Rest Easy, while providing a repellency effect as long as the vapors from treatment continue to give off a cinnamon scent (up to one week), does not leave long-term, hazardous residuals (the commonly used pyrethroids can leave hazardous residuals for longer than one year!)

Rest Easy is extremely cost-effective in addressing an embarrassing and unhealthy problem

Rest Easy offers a simple-to-apply option for repetitive, effective treatments that can be used by non-professional applicators and individuals


WHAT MANY PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE IS THE FACT THAT BEDBUGS CAN ATTACH TO US AND OUR BELONGINGS.  THESE BACK PACK LINERS PREVENT THEM FROM TRAVELING/ BEING CARRIED INTO AN OUTSIDE ENVIRONMENT!  Bedbugs are nocturnal, bloodsucking insects which leave bites that are identified as pronounced red welts. Although their bites are reported to be painless, the marks they leave can be physically and emotionally scarring. Victims of infestations report having lingering fears of going to sleep, or even phobias of the beds themselves.

During the day, bedbugs can be difficult to spot, as they hide in crevasses in the mattress, floor joints, and even picture frames, and do not surface to feed until night time. During their short life spans, an individual bedbug can lay around 400 eggs, enabling them to repopulate and re-infest an area in just three to four months!

To get Rest Easy All Natural BACK PACK LINERS into your store or for wholesale information contact us at Dreamshoplive@gmail.com!

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Any Buyers Looking for Alternatives to Children’s Cold and Flu Medications?

>While cold and flu season in the U.S. begins in October and runs through May, there’s never a bad time to strengthen natural defenses like washing your hands, staying hydrated, getting enough vitamins and sunlight, and considering alternatives like homeopathic remedies.

The common cold is the most frequent infectious disease in people, averaging two to four infections a year in adults and up to six to twelve in children, according to WebMD.

Children metabolize medicines differently than adults do. So it’s always good to err on the side of caution and consult with your doctor when your kids have a fever or when giving your kids any over the counter medication.

In 2008, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory, strongly recommending that over-the-counter cold and cough medication not be given to children under the age of two.

A recent study in Pediatrics found the combination of camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oils can reduce a child’s cold symptoms and help those with upper-respiratory infections sleep better. “Eucalyptus by itself can be quite helpful,” noted Dr. Rosen.

Homeopathic medicines are generally considered a safer option for treatment. Defined by their therapeutically active micro-doses of mineral, botanical and biological substances, they may be enough to treat the cold or flu, without many of the adverse side effects. They are widely used in Europe and are becoming more popular options with parents in the U.S. who are looking for alternatives to typical over-the-counter cold and cough treatments.

Sleep Scentsations’ Snore Rx formula is a therapeutic blend containing Eucalyptus.  It is a great choice when looking for a safer, more natural way to calm your child’s cold or flu symptoms right under their pillow!

Snore Rx has multiple uses….. 

1.       Reduces snoring
2.       Essential oils in this formula open the nasal passages to allow for easier breathing
3.       A great spa like aroma
4.       It’s Drug free!


For wholesale Inquiries on Sleep Scentsations email us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

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