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Get fast, drug-free, guaranteed relief from stings and bites.

Therapik® is based on a very simple, scientifically proven principle. Most insect venom is thermolabile (sensitive to heat). Therapik®’s patented technology delivers heat in the specific temperature range necessary to neutralize the venom from over 20,000 different species of insects and sea creatures.


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New Product! Fresh’n Fridge Odor Eliminator and Produce Freshness Extender!

Dream Products is happy to announce that we are now representing the Fresh’n Fridge and Fresh’n Crisp products from the manufacturer Rush Hampton.  Rush Hampton has been an innovator in the research, development and manufacture of products to improve the indoor environment since 1971.

Fresh ‘n Fridge™ Fridge Order Eliminator – Powerful odor control for your refrigerator or freezer.

Highly aromatic foods – such as fish, garlic, onions, cabbage, melons, etc. – give off molecules that permeate mild-flavored foods stored with them in a refrigerator or freezer. Most storage methods are often unable to prevent odor cross-contamination, which is why those just-picked strawberries can taste like onion.

The Fresh ‘n Fridge™ uses an exclusive, laboratory-proven process to neutralize and eliminate odors in the refrigerator and freezer – and prevent the absorption of odors by other stored food. Enjoy a fresh scent every time you open the door, and the true flavor of all of your refrigerated and frozen food.

How it works:

Place the Fresh ‘n Fridge in any location in your refrigerator and / or freezer to remove odors for up to 90 days. Use one in each compartment to provide total protection against odors and odor absorption by other food and ice cubes.

Fresh ‘n Crisp™ Freshness Extender – Keep stored fruits and vegetables fresh longer – save money

The Fresh ‘n Crisp™ absorbs and neutralizes the ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables produce as they ripen, then rot. This revolutionary product dramatically extends the freshness of produce to prevent waste and enable you to buy in bulk to save money.

Its natural active ingredient is completely safe for use with all produce. Be sure that produce is dry, then just place the Fresh ‘n Crisp directly where it’s needed: inside your refrigerator’s crisper bin, sealable bowls, etc. Foods do not have to be stored any differently than usual for the Fresh ‘n Crisp to be effective.

Unlike many other freshness extending products, the Fresh ‘n Crisp needs no washing between uses or special care. Replace after three months to continue the nutritional benefits and savings of produce that truly stays fresh and crisp for a significantly longer time than ever before possible.

About the products:

  • Laboratory proven to work better than ‘Baking Soda’
  • Independent laboratory tested by Florida’s largest university (University of Central Florida, Department of Chemistry)
  • All materials meet FDA requirements
  • Made in the USA


Dream Products Announces Partnership with Iron Chef America!


Dream Products is Officially the East Coast Representative for the Iron Chef America™ franchise! Together we are working to promote a unique product line that exceeds consumers’ expectations with innovative, unique, and best-in-class products.

For those who don’t know, Iron Chef America is an established, top-rated television show with the best of the best in:

– Talent
– Ingredients
– Kitchen appliances, tools and gadgets

Iron Chef America™ (ICA) is a culinary competition that pits chefs near and far against one of its Iron Chefs. With only one hour on the clock, each chef must create a full meal using the secret ingredient. A panel of judges then decide “Whose Cuisine Will Reign Supreme?”

ICA stands for:

– Competition
– Entertainment
– Innovation
– Creativity

Cook Like an Iron Chef
July 2010

Iron Chef Michael Symon taught viewers the skills and techniques needed to cook like an Iron Chef!

Along the way, Michael was joined by chef challengers and other Iron Chefs who revealed their mysterious method’s in tackling secret ingredients.

For More Information the New IRON CHEF Products contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com!

Get Dream Products on The NEW JAMM Online Catalog!


Dream Products is excited to Announce the Launch of a New Website: JAMMCatalog.com 

The new site will be a retail site which will carry all of the Dream Products you know and love!

JAMM Catalog is a fresh new online catalog promoting products that matter.  It will carry new and innovative products for today’s generation of technology focused individuals who like to have fun and don’t have a ton of money to do so! The products on the site are high quality, affordable, and are items that are relevant in making life easier in today’s complicated world. We guarantee many of the products on our site are exclusive and you won’t find them anywhere else!

Their mission is to find the newest products on the market.  100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed for the pickiest of shoppers or your money back.  Easy shopping, Easy returns.    

Check them out at JAMMCatalog.com!!

Attention Manufacturers! Double Your Sales with Dream Products!

>Dream Products is a Full Service Marketing and Sales Company dedicated to representing Manufacturers of high-quality, innovative products.  We specialize in placing products in large catalogs and retail outlets.  We provide our customers with services that are guaranteed to promote brand awareness, increase demand for their product, and increase sales revenue by more than 50%.

How do we get paid?  We negotiate with the Manufacturer a reasonable commission percentage rate based on our sales. This requires no out-of-pocket commitment by the Manufacturer and we are only paid directly by the work that we do and the money we make for you!  

Our Services Include: 


– Prospecting and contacting appropriate avenues
– Contacting appropriate buyers for product consideration and testing

– Vendor Set-Up. We supply the manufacturer with training involved to process the vendor compliance. 
– Negotiation on the manfacturers behalf a suitable business arrangement. The Manufacturer will sign the final contract.
– Supply training on how to process orders, Advance Shipping Notices, Shipping requirements, etc.
– Professional Sales Consulting


– Professional copywriting
– Blogging
– Search Engine Optimization
– Market Analysis
– Strategic Planing
– Public Relations
– And Product Development
–  Professional Marketing Consulting

Contact Us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

Dream Products Partners with Sleep Scentsations in Donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

>Sleep Scentsations™ a line of Aromatherapy Pillow Scents promoting better sleep and overall health and wellness, has announced their decision to contribute a percentage of October sales to their local Susan G. Komen Foundation in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Sleep Scentsations will be donating a portion of all October’s online sales as well as Free Shipping on all orders to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Houston, Texas affiliate.  Located in Houston, Texas, Sleep Scentsations’ pillow liners specialize in promoting a better nights sleep by utilizing aromatherapy benefits to ease snoring, promote relaxation, control nicotine and food cravings, relieve stress, and induce better mood and overall health. Dream Products will be helping with all promotion of the event!

Sleep Scentsations hopes that this partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation can also increase awareness of the importance of Sleep, especially for those living with Cancer and other forms of disease. Unfortunately, many people live with agonizing and life altering sleep disorders and the importance of sleep is often overlooked.

There are many reasons our bodies need sleep. Sleep is our bodies’ way of rejuvenating. It is the period in which we lower the energy levels expelled each day, our muscles and soft tissue are repaired and revitalized, and our mind is able to process memories and things we have learned for the day. Increased periods of time without sleep often leads to hallucinations, poor mental clarity, breaking down the body’s immune system, provoking disease, or even death. Sleep Scentsations encourages everyone to purchase the Gift of Sleep for a friend, family member or co-worker this holiday season.

The history of the Komen Houston Affiliate is rich with many dedicated and passionate breast cancer survivors, volunteers and advocates who donate their time, energy and knowledge to the mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. The Affiliate has grown tremendously since its beginning. To date the Affiliate has awarded more than $22 million in grants for breast cancer education, screening and treatment in our seven county service area. In addition, the Affiliate has donated more than $7 million for breast cancer research to help find a cure for this disease.

Unfortunately, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women and is the second leading cause of cancer death among women. However, if breast cancer can be diagnosed early, the probability of surviving the disease increases dramatically. After years of extensive research that has improved treatments, 95 percent of women diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer live for at least five years after their diagnosis. Early detection saves lives.

For more information visit:

To contribute by purchasing Sleep Scentsations visit: http://www.sleepscentsations.com

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