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How to Avoid the Drinking Drama

Hello all!  It’s me again, your very lovable Gadget Gandhi.

I read a post on my Face Book page that caught my attention this morning.  It was a male friend inviting anyone who was interested to an Anti- Valentine’s Day Party last night.  He had quite a few responses to his invitation.  I think Valentine’s Day is truly a hard day to be single.  Sometimes it’s a hard day to be married too.  I do appreciate his good humor and his invitation to all the lonely hearts (and some not so lonely) on that day.  I’m sure all that attended had a fantastic time.  I wish I could have attended.  I love a party. LOL

It gave me an idea for a blog on Breathalyzers.  I want all those people out there to be safe and avoid the drinking drama.  I know first hand how 1 drink becomes 2, 2 drinks become 3 and the next thing you know someone’s buying  a round of shots.  I get it!  It’s very easy to enjoy “Happy Hour” (2 hours, 3 hours …)  with your friends.  I have enclosed photos of my 2  favorite breathalyzer by Domaine Consumer Goods.  I carry it in my pocket when out.

Stay Safe Rescue- FDA approved – MSRP $54.99

Stay Safe Advantage- MSRP $34.99

The goal here is to be safe.  If you have a breathalyzer in your pocket, it will give you a guideline of how well your really doing.   The most important thing is to NEVER, EVER DRIVE while drinking and to keep your drinking at safe levels.  There are many worse things that can happen beyond a hangover.

I found a great website that gave all kinds of information on the effects of drinking. I have posted information from the site below.   There is a link to the site on my links to the right.

The Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

Alcohol acts primarily on the nerve cells within the brain by interfering with communication between nerve cells and all other cells, suppressing the activities of excitatory nerve pathways and increasing the activities of inhibitory nerve pathways.

Alcohol enhances the effects of inhibitory neurotransmitters like GABA, and weakens the effects of excitatory neurotransmitters like Glutamine. Enhancing an inhibitor, or weakening an excitor, will have the external effect of making the person sluggish, which matches the behavior you see in a drunk person, and slowing down the overall functioning and reflex responses of the body.

The body responds to alcohol in stages, which correspond to an increase in BAC:

BAC (%) Stage Clinical Symptoms
0.01 – 0.05 Subclinical Behavior basically normal by ordinary observation.
0.03 – 0.12 Euphoria Mild euphoria, sociability, talkativeness, increased self-confidence; decreased inhibitions. Diminution of attention, judgment and control. Beginning of sensory-motor impairment. Loss of efficiency in finer performance tests.
0.09 – 0.25 Excitement Emotional instability; loss of critical judgment. Impairment of perception, memory and comprehension. Decreased sensatory response; increased reaction time. Reduced visual acuity; peripheral vision and glare recovery. Sensory-motor in coordination; impaired balance. Drowsiness.
0.18 – 0.30 Confusion Disorientation, mental confusion; dizziness. Exaggerated emotional states. Disturbances of vision and of perception of color, form, motion and dimensions. Increased pain threshold. Increased muscular in coordination; staggering gait; slurred speech. Apathy, lethargy.
0.25 – 0.40 Stupor General inertia; approaching loss of motor functions. Markedly decreased response to stimuli. Marked muscular incoordination; inability to stand or walk. Vomiting; incontinence. Impaired consciousness; sleep or stupor.
0.35 – 0.50 Coma Complete unconsciousness. Depressed or abolished reflexes. Subnormal body temperature. Incontinence. Impairment of circulation and respiration. Possible death.
0.45 + Death Death from respiratory arrest.

By all, I hope you find this good information and I will be posting soon!!!

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