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The Music Ball- The Rechargeable, Wireless Speaker System

The Next Generation in Wireless Speakers!

The Next Generation in Wireless Speakers!

Good morning World! It’s me, Laurie, the Gandhi of Consumer Products. (Can’t you here the Indian music playing in the background? No? Must be just in my head. I guess I had a little too much coffee this morning. – LOL)

OK, I found another great product. This item is called The Music Ball. It is a Rechargeable, wireless, iPod speaker system. I have viewed similar items but this speaker system offers a little more than the others. I can assure you, I am a big believer in getting the most value for what I pay for. My family says I’m cheap but I prefer the term “frugal”. There is too much JUNK sold in the world! I all companies are entitled to make a profit. I just think they should not sell junk to do it!  Alright, enough of my little tangent.

What makes The Music Ball different then other wireless systems you ask? IT’S RECHARGEABLE. Other wireless systems work with AA batteries. AA batteries will give you about 10 hours of continuous use. Then, you need to go out and buy more AA batteries. If you are a person who likes your tunes, this could get expensive. The Music Ball, however, works on rechargeable AA batteries. You put your Sphere (or speaker) on the base, and it will recharge the speaker. I don’t want you to think rechargeable batteries last forever because they don’t. They will, however, last much, much longer than the standard AA batteries. So, in a nutshell, The Music Ball will be cheaper to maintain.

This item has other great features. Once you purchase The Music Ball system, you can purchase additional speakers separately at any time. The system will let you “sync” up to 50 additional speakers. One of the most interesting features is that it floats in a pool. Yes, you heard me right. IT FLOATS IN A POOL. Now, wouldn’t that make for interesting conversation at a backyard summer party? With multiple speakers, you could hang them around a room, around your back yard or even put the speaker in the pool. BIG THUMBS UP ON THIS ITEM!

This item will be release is 2010.  I will give you an update where to buy as soon as the information is made available.  In the meantime, I will anxiously await it’s arrival.

Well, that all until next time!!!!

Feel free to leave me a comment. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Gen Z Power- The Next Generation in Charging Stations!

The Next Generation in Charging Stations

The Next Generation in Charging Stations

I have to admit. I LOVE NEW GADGETS! I am always looking for things to make my life easier. Let me start by giving you a little background on me. My name is Laurie, and I evaluate new products for release into a consumer market. (I know. Very Cool Job!) I decided that I wanted to create a blog telling people about the great products out there. Since I spend so much time playing with all kind of gadgets, maybe my opinion or knowledge of various different products would be the information someone needed to make a purchase or not make a purchase. (I can be like the Gandhi of consumer products- LOL)

So my first dedication, and currently my favorite product (today that is) is the new and unique “Gen Z Power”. This item is different then other charging stations I have found. (And I have seen many). Gen Z Power has 13 built in adapters of the most common chargers. The Gen Z list the adapters it contains on the back of the box. Just check and see if your adapters are listed. These built in adapters eliminate the need for your chargers. This truly is a convenient feature. I personally have spent countless hours looking for my chargers for one reason or another. With Gen Z Power, I don’t need my charger.  GenZ Power even charged my iPod without the computer! This gives this item a BIG THUMBS UP in my book!  Gen Z Power is also a GREEN PRODUCT. This is another attractive feature. The item charges your small electronics and will shut off when your device is fully charged. This added feature will make your rechargeable batteries last longer. So, over time, it will save money and the Planet!

This device is for anybody with a cell phone or Ipod. I would highly recommend owning GenZ Power. The item will release soon. Make sure you check your favorite store’s flyer! It is currently being carried by Think Geek.  I suspect it will be carried by most of the major catalogs and retailers by early 2010.  The item will be priced around $59.99. Well worth every penny.

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