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Free Shipping on Dream Products’ Products!


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Free Shipping on Samples of Sleep Scentsations Aromatherapy Pillow Scents!

>Just like test driving a new car, or a mini sample of shampoo and conditioner, Sleep Scentsations has decided to offer their customers the opportunity to try out 1 liner at a time for only $3.50 – NO Committment necessary!!

They want to give their customers the opportunity to try out their Aromatherapy scents to ensure you know which scent is the perfect scent for YOU before having to commit to buying 8 liners at 1 time.  

Go ahead, pick a scent you think will help you sleep better, guilt-free for only $3.50 per liner + FREE SHIPPING! Beware! You might become addicted!!

Dream Products decided to take on this product line because of it’s multiple health benefits! We KNOW this product improves sleep and overall well being, and that having this product in your store will have your customers feeling appreciated!

RELAXING – Aromatherapy Lavender is a classic blend of lavender, bergamot and cedarwood essential oils soothes and calms so you can sleep better.   Sleep Well, Live Well.

WHITE TEA & LILY – Do you prefer that fresh, clean and natural scent?  White Tea & Lily is the perfect blend; floral notes of lilies with a subtle hint of white tea that offers you that fresh, clean and soothing feeling.  Sleep Scentsations is a no-mess alternative to short-lived aromatherapy linen sprays and the answer to a sleeping experience like no other. 

SNORE Rx Can’t Stop Snoring?
If you snore or sleep with someone who does, then you know that it’s no laughing matter and can keep you up ALL NIGHT. If you are facing a situation where you can’t sleep because you or someone you are sleeping with snores loudly, don’t panic and run to purchase an over-the-counter spray or pill. Fortunately there is a drug-free remedy that can help stop snoring.

SNORE RX is one of Sleep Scentsations patented sleep aids that contains a therapeutic blend of essential oils formulated to suppress snoring and provide a more restful nights sleep.

MY BOYFRIEND’S SHIRT – Stimulate your… senses!  This sexy blend of musk, jasmine and sandalwood will remind you of his favorite shirt.  These scents are also known as aphrodisiacs and my just help you get in the mood.  Get your sleep on!

DAY AT THE BEACH – Who Doesn’t love going to the beach and smelling the ocean breeze?  Our Day at the Beach pillow scents will have you feel like you are falling asleep on your beach towel with the scents of the ocean air, warm sand and suntan lotion (without the sand in your bathing suit!)  Sleep Scentsations aromatherapy pillow liners are the perfect no-mess alternative to bed linen sprays and can bring the beach to you.

FRESH CUT GRASS – Are you one of those people who avoids the outdoors because of a horrible allergy to grass and pollen? Now you can fall asleep to the pleasant memories of a spring day and the scent of freshly cut grass in the air…  without the allergies or pollen! 

GINGER & AMBER – Pamper yourself with this warm, alluring blend of white ginger and amber.   This sensual fragrance will create a sense of calm and relaxation as you drift off to sleep.  Sleep Scentsations is a no-mess alternative to linen sprays and the answer to a sleeping experience like no other. 

SHANGHAI NIGHTS -Ever wanted to experience the exotic Orient?   Our Shanghai Nights fragrance was created to help you focus on peace, tranquility and relaxation.  Enjoy this delicate floral blossom scent, laced with a hint of musk, to mentally transport you into the serenity of an oriental garden.

or for Wholesale inquiries email us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com 

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