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Eco-Friendly and Yummy Cocoa or Coffee Gift Baskets! Go Green with Klean Kanteen!

What happened to the days of living a simple life, when humans would fill up and REUSE a Canteen for water or alcohol?  Why is it that today we are a world of consumption and waste, replacing reuseable containers for plastic to fill up our landfills? Well, choosing a gift from Klean Kanteen will make sure that you are doing your part in participating in saving our earth!

Klean Kanteen

Below are 3 New Gift Baskets that feature these exceptionally versatile insulated bottles. The Klean Insulated Kanteens below offer triple duty as a mug, a thermos and a food container.

Insulated Kanteens® keep contents hot for up to 6 hours, while iced drinks stay frosty cold for more than 24 hrs. BEST OF ALL, they are BPA-FREE meaninig you can share with your Little Loved ones!!

Klean Kanteen Insulated Coffee to Go Gift Basket

Product Features

  • Gift Basket includes a Klean Kanteen 12 oz double wall stainless steel insulated thermos with caf? cap lid and loop cap lid
  • Stumptown coffee beans – 3/4 lb of Hair Bender Roast – blend of sweet and savory flavors for a perfect cup
  • Moonstruck Milk Chocolate Bar with 31% Cacao, 3ozs of handmade chocolate
  • Coffee on the Go is packed in a natural wood produce basket with handle
  • All wrapping is 100% natural cellophane and woven bow

Klean Kanteen Insulated Cocoa on the Go Gift Basket

Product Features

  • Gift Basket includes two Klean Kanteen 12 oz double wall stainless steel insulated thermoses with caf? cap lids and loop cap lids
  • Moonstruck Hot Cocoa Mix, 9.5 ozs – mixes with warm milk
  • 1 Milk Chocolate Moonstruck Chocolate Bar and 1 Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Cocoa on the Go is packed in a natural wood basket with handle
  • All wrapping is 100% natural cellophane and woven bow

Klean Kanteen Insulated Deluxe Coffee and Cocoa Gift Basket

Product Features

  • Gift Basket includes two Klean Kanteen 16 oz double wall stainless steel insulated thermoses with caf? cap lids and loop cap lids
  • Moonstruck Chocolate Bars in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Chile Variado and Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean
  • Stumptown Grand Cru Coffee Beans, 3/4 lb of roasted beans
  • The Deluxe Gift Basket is packed in a reusable fabric storage bin
  • All wrapping is 100% natural cellophane and woven bow


Must-Have Holiday Item! Glue Tape and Decoration Tape Coming to Bed Bath and Beyond Just in Time for Holiday Wrapping!

Plus Corporation is an amazing company because of their innovative ideas on how to make life just a little bit more fun and easier. I’m sure everyone can agree that nothing is worse that dealing with tape while wrapping Birthday, Shower, or Holiday presents, it either gets stuck to itself or is impossible to tear because your fingers are busy holding down the wrapping paper.

Glue Tape is double sided glue that is in the form of tape. It is basically a very neat and clean way to be creative and make something really stick! It’s perfect for wrapping gifts, scrapbooking, school projects, presentations, and more, giving you a professional look!

The value packs above feature 3 different Glue Tape Size Options, to ensure the right dimensions for your project. A 4mm size for “Detailed Use’ in smaller crafts and scrapbooking projects, a 6mm size for “General Use” in photo albums and school projects, and a 8mm size for “Firm Gluing” of envelopes, gift wrapping, etc.

These value packs are a hot product for the Holiday season as well as throughout the year.

The Decoration Tape is pure fun. It is a pen-like dispenser that applies fun designs and patterns in the form of tape. This multi-applicator can also be used with the correction tape refills, making it useful for both business and pleasure. This is the perfect item for those who enjoy adding some personality to their notes or projects and it is also made with Recycled plastic.

By combining innovation and style in all of their stationery and security products, Plus Corporation has become one of the top stationery companies in the world. Not only are their products modern and inventive, they are super afforable.


For more Information or for Wholesale Orders Contact Us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com or by phone at 401-309-8592

The Most Unique Place To Buy Your Holiday 2010 Invitations and Greeting Cards


When it comes to holding an event Dream Products believes its all in the invitation…..
If you are looking for the perfect place to buy your Holiday 2010 cards this year we highly recommend visiting http://www.invitationsbyyvonne.com/ 
Especially for those of you who own a business like we do, Yvonne’s Invitations offers fully customizable and personalized greeting cards to ensure your brand’s personality is represented.  

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• Fastick™ Envelopes
• Photo Cards & Photo Labels
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• Industry Specific Cards
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• Environmentally friendly holiday cards
• Calendars

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Holiday Traditions- A Gift for Her

2009 Swarovski Ornament
Good morning all! It’s me again, Laurie. Your very likeable gadget Gandhi! – LOL

Well, last night, since nobody was home, I decided to venture into my basement and pull out the holiday décor. After a very grueling 30 minutes of hauling boxes up the basement stairs, I was finally ready to sit down and begin the ritual of sorting through the holiday decorations.

It’s amazing how many happy memories that floods you when you’re sorting through items you haven’t seen in at least a year. I found many homemade gifts that were made for my husband and me by our children. Shells painted with holiday cheer, paper Mache decorations with loving notes and I can never forget, the infamous spaghetti necklace. Now that was a long, long time ago.

As I was taking out the last of the homemade gifts and decorating them around my house, I finally came to my box of special ornaments. This particular group of ornaments has a very sentimental meaning to me. It is my collection of Swarovski Special Edition Holiday Ornaments. There is a new ornament made for each passing year.

Many years ago, when our children were small, my husband and I decided it would be best not to buy each other gifts at the holidays. We were already strained trying to raise 3 children and most of our money went to living expenses, or the children. My husband has always been a very proud man. He has always done his part to ensure that our children had the best holiday they could possibly have. He would work many; many extra hours to make sure each of his children got that one special gift they had asked for. I have to admit, he never once failed in his quest.

On one particular year, after the children had opened their presents, I noticed there was another small gift stuffed between the branches of our tree. Puzzled, I walked over to see whom it was for. To my surprise, it was for me! As my husband looked up at me sheepishly, I opened the box. It had to be the most beautiful crystal I had ever seen. It was a 2000 Swarovski Special Edition Holiday Ornament. I could tell from looking at it, it was expensive. I asked him, “Why would you buy something so expensive for me?” He said, “ To see the happiness on your face when you opened the box.” I was beyond surprised and amazed that he purchased such a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Feeling a little less than thoughtful myself, I said, “But I didn’t get anything for you.” He looked at me in surprise and said “Yes you did. The happiness on your face is the best present you could ever give me”. (I got to admit, he really is a great guy).

Every year since that day, there has been a box with a new Swarovski Special Edition Ornament for me under our tree. He has bought me one every year since that day. (And I make sure I have a present for him too.) It always makes me smile and has become my most favored tradition.

Please feel free to leave me a comment.

The 2009 Swarovski Special Edition Holiday Ornament can be purchased at Merchants Overseas, Amazon.com as well as many other online retailers or department stores. (The best buy I have seen has been Amazon.com)

Well, that’s all for now. Until next time.

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