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New Product! Hem-Eze! No Sewing Necessary!

Hem-Eze is
Hem-Eze …

the revolutionary way to hem jeans, pants, skirts, dresses,
curtains, costumes, school uniforms, & more.

Tailor like the
professionals without the bother of a needle and thread! Made in the

“Wear Your High Heels This Morning
and Sandals Tonight!” No need to change pants!

How to use Hem-Eze:


New Product! Hem-Eze! No Sewing Necessary!

Hem-Eze is Hem-Eze …

the revolutionary way to hem jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, curtains, costumes, school uniforms, & more.

Tailor like the professionals without the bother of a needle and thread! Made in the USA!

“Wear Your High Heels This Morning and Sandals Tonight!” No need to change pants!

How to use Hem-Eze:


Get Innovative Glue Tape from Plus Corporation Into Your Store!

>Dream Products is proud to introduce a new line of precision glue tapes manufactured by Plus Corporation. By combining innovation and style in all of their stationery and security products, Plus has become one of the top stationery companies in the world.  Their line of glue tape is the perfect 2 for 1 special, turning messy glue into double-sided tape for easy, neat, and clean application. 

PLUS has manufactured all their glue tape to meet the demands of todays’ consumers. Using only photo safe and acid free adhesive making their products perfect for photo albums and scrapbooking. All glue is odor free and PAT tested to meet the needs of the home and office.

The adhesive tape in each model is unique and rated higher than other top brands for adhesion, separability and speed dependence. All applicators are designed for single handed use and the glue dries quickly making it perfect for craft and home use.

Plus uses a padded roller tip on all products to provide a clean application with no adhesion or surface translation problems.


  • Flip back locking cover – Protects tape from dust and contaminants.
  • Tension control torque applicator – Provides even resistance from the beginning to the end of the roll.
  • Durable recycled plastic casing.
  • Clear housing – Shows colorful internal parts.
  • Padded roller applicator- Provides cleaner application of glue to uneven paper surfaces.

Ask us about the new Glue Tape Series from Plus Corporation. Whether its for gluing on paper, wood, plastic, or metal, you’re covered!

For wholesale information contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

New Line of School Scissors and Staplers from Plus Corporation’s Innovative Stationary Line


Along with the camouflage folders, camouflage tape, glue tape, and id guard, Dream Products offers innovative and stylish School Scissors and Power Assisted Staplers from Plus Corporation’s line of Stationary items.

The School Scissors are designed with a soft, thick grip designed to make it easy for children to
hold onto the scissors tightly. These Soft materials also keep childrens’ hands from hurting, which can discourage creativity!

The scissors also come with a rounded safety tip and innovative non-stick fluorine coated blades that resist
the adhesion of tape and glue (perfect for holiday gift wrapping parents)!

The Plus stapler while small in size, offers increased stapling power!

Using the principle of the fulcrum, they have increased the stapling power by 50% (compared to standard products) so you can quickly, easily and comfortably use the stapler for many hours.

Each stapler comes with simplified top loading refills and one-touch staple loading lets you just open the handle and put in the staples.

Even with its small size, each stapler holds 100 staples and has a staple-saving feature that makes sure that the first staple isn’t wasted.

It also offers an easy-to-carry size, about the size of a business card. The stapler fits easily into the palm
of even a small hand (and pencil box ofcourse).

The rounded shape is comfortable and a dimpled upper cover allows for a strong grip and optimal stapling power. The small size combined with the light pressure needed to operate, make this a great stapler for children.

For wholesale information and pricing contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

New Camouflage Folders and Clipboards for Confidential Information

>Two new and innovative ideas from the Plus Corporation line of stationary products is the Camouflage Folder and Clipboard.

See the title at a glance while small letters are unreadable. A simple and elegant solution for managing your confidential documents.  

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The special pattern printed on the front and back of the
polypropylene folder makes the documents inside difficult to read. However, you
can still read large letters to confirm the folder contents without having to
remove the documents. Stylishly carry and organize your confidential
documents while protecting your private information from prying eyes.


With the Camouflage Clipboard, documents can be firmly held on the board with the clip. The clipboard material is thin and light, yet sturdy enough to write on.

For Wholesale Pricing and Information on these items contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com!

Amazing New Glue Tape For Easy Holiday Wrapping and Scrapbooking!

>Plus Corporation is an amazing company because of their innovative ideas on how to make life just a little bit easier.  I’m sure everyone can agree that nothing is worse that dealing with tape while wrapping Birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah presents,  it either gets stuck to itself or is impossible to tear because your fingers are busy holding down the wrapping paper!

Well Plus Corporation used the same technology as they do with their camouflage tape, and came up with “Glue Tape”

Glue Tape is double sided glue that is in the form of tape.  It is basically a very neat and clean way to be creative and make something really stick!  It’s perfect for wrapping gifts, scrapbooking, school projects, presentations, and more, giving you a professional look!

The value packs above feature 3 different Glue Tape Size Options, to ensure the right dimensions for your project.  A 4mm size for “Detailed Use’ in smaller crafts and scrapbooking projects, a 6mm size for “General Use” in photo albums and school projects, and a 8mm size for “Firm Gluing” of envelopes, gift wrapping, etc. 

These value packs are a hot product for the Holiday season as well as throughout the year.

If you are interested in Wholesale Pricing contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

The Magic Q-bicle and E Cubes For Stylish Organization of Electronics!

>Dream Products is excited to announce it has taken on a new product called the Magic-Q-Bicle™

The Magic Cube is an organizer that combines style and function.  It is designed for small electronics and other household items.  However it’s more than just an organizer, simply it is also a picture frame collage, shadow box, and a stylish display unit by itself.

 It offers a unique wall or desktop display with cool geometric transformation possibilities!

Magic-Q-Bicle™ and The Ecube™ series are created for the modern living space. Universal organizers are common in the market but none has been specially designed to organize small electronics and useful gadgets such as cell phone, charger, digital picture frame, alarm clock, fragrance diffuser etc that are indispensable to modern life, and few have been created as artistic accents for home or office. Magic-Q-Bicle™ is a wonderful gift for tech lovers. 
The Ecubes are a series of stylish function cubes (purchase separately) to custom fit as apps to the Magic-Q-Bicle™ . Ecube™ is a designer line of mini electronics and useful gadgets including cell phone holder, speaker set, digital clock, lighted display box, designer drawer, mini digital scale, fragrance dispenser glow cube, digital picture frame and so on. Great gift individually or together with the Magic-Q-Bicle™ .

 Magic-Q-Bicle features unique geometric transformation and is multifunctional:

  • Magic-Q-bicle as storage box organizer,
  • Magic-Q-bicle as stylish shadow box for display,
  • Magic-Q-bicle as 9-frame picture collage,
  • Magic-Q-bicle as  picture puzzle
  • Magic-Q-bicle has detachable picture frames
  • Magic-Q-bicle apps option – Ecubes, a series of functional cubes

Product Specifications:

  • A picture frame organizer that features 9 connected 3.5” storage cubes, each covered with detachable picture frames. Ideal for storing small electronics /gadgets, as picture frame collage or shadow box.
  • Transformed to 13 compartments, forming a stylish modern display for wall or desktop. 
  • Back plate of each cube has perforated hole for easy punch out to fit hanging insert or as cable outlet.
  • Included : 9-cube main frame, 9 detachable picture frames, 1 adaptor cube (to hold transformed shape), 2 wall hanging insert parts. 
  • Available in 3 color options : solid black,  solid white or  brown pattern print style (in limited supply)

For Wholesale Information Regarding the Magic-Q-Bicle™ and The Ecube™ series email us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

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