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New LED Anywhere Lighting from Fulcrum

The Fulcrum Company is infamous for creating and marketing innovative, energy-efficient, and affordable LED lighting products that solve everyday lighting problems, reduce our carbon footprint, and save money.

They conceive and develop products along three primary tracks to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction:

  •   Improving the quality of the light output of LEDs
  •   Designing products to address specific customer needs
  •   Employing the simplest and most robust solutions

The Competitive Advantages of selling the Fulcrum line of LIGHT IT! are the:

  • Floodlight Technology – provides more usable light to the user
  • High Quality Manufacturing – better designs, better fit & finish

View the newest items from the LIGHT IT! Line: 

The 6-LED Multiflex Work Light

  •  LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  •  6 “FLOODLIGHT” LEDS – provide more light & broader coverage than other multi-LED work lights
  •  HEAVY DUTY CLAMP – wide mouth, articulating clamp attaches securely on uneven surfaces
  •  METAL FLEX NECK – adjusts instantly to aim light, doesn’t “bounce” or move



  •  DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – made from impact resistant ABS plastic
  •  MULTIPLE USES – great for BBQ, work bench, home or office…makes a great camp light!
  •  ATTRACTIVE – sleek, elegant design that simply works better
  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – extend battery life, never need replacement
  •  BATTERIES – uses 3 AA Batteries (sold separately)

The Lanterna Touch 12 LED Wireless Lamp 


  • LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  • TOUCH TOP OPERATION – Turns on or off with the mere touch of fingertip
  •  12 LEDS – illuminate your table, desk, or work area
  •  MULTIPLE USES – outdoor dining, home accent, dorms, camping, RVs
  •  EMERGENCIES – works like a lantern…hand carry or use hands-free


  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – extend battery life, never need replacement
  • ATTRACTIVE – sleek, simple design complements any table or décor
  • VIBRANT COLORS – dress up your table or spice up your room
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – tough ABS plastic body
  • BATTERIES – operates up to 36 hours on 3 AA batteries (sold separately)

The 28-LED MegaLight


  •   LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  •  ULTRA BRIGHT – 28 ultra-bright LEDs allow you to see garment colors clearly, and perform tasks more easily
  •  VERSATILE –  perfect for closets, utility rooms, attic, garage, workshop, shed, boats, RVs, & camping
  •  4-WAY MOUNTING SYSTEM –  keyhole mounting plate, magnets (3), hanging hook, or stands on flat surface
  •  INSTANT INSTALLATION – installs in minutes, no wiring necessary
  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – extend battery life, never need replacement
  •  SAFE – cool to the touch
  •  ATTRACTIVE – sleek, simple design blends in to any room
  •  BATTERIES – uses 6 C Batteries (sold separately)

Drawer Light – 2 pack


  •  LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  •  VALUE 2-PACK – a quick and economical lighting solution right out of the package
  •  MULTIPLE USES – great for drawers, shelves, cabinets, closets, cars, boats, RVs, and more
  •  MOUNTS ANYWHERE – no wires, no plugs…perfect anywhere you need a little extra light
  •  EASY INSTALLATION – installs instantly using supplied adhesive tape
  •  EASY TO OPERATE – tap on / tap off operation makes it easy for anyone to use
  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – extend battery life, never need replacement
  •  BATTERIES – uses 2 CR-2032 button batteries (included)

The 12-LED MultiFlex Floor Magnifier Lamp


  •  LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ – ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  •  CRYSTAL CLEAR OPTICS – optical quality acrylic lens plus ultra-bright LEDs equals stunning clarity
  •  WIDE VIEWING AREA – large 5” lens lets you read a book, newspaper, or view your entire task
  •  MULTIPLE POWER – 2x main lens is perfect for reading or tasks or use 6x for fine details
  • 1 2 LEDS – flood the page with light for improved visual acuity and to prevent eyestrain
  •  ADJUSTABLE – durable metal flex neck adjusts quickly and easily…stays in position
  •  ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS – cost pennies to operate, extend battery life, never need replacement
  •  DUAL POWER OPTIONS – use with supplied AC adapter or with batteries for enhanced portability
  •  BATTERIES – operates for approx 60 hours using 3 “D” batteries (sold separately)

For Wholesale Information on any of these products contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

New Stylish LED Sensor Lamps from The Fulcrum LIGHT IT Product Line


Happy 2011 from Fulcrum Products and  

We are excited to announce a couple of new items added to the Fulcrum Light It! Spring line up. 
Because of the great success with the wireless Porch Light, they decided to utilize the same technology to create a solution for inside the home. This is a great item to use as a night light, in nurseries, bathrooms, security light and camping/RV. 
Like the Porch Light, both darkness and motion must be present for the sensor function to work but unique to this lamp….a 3 way switch gives the customer the option of on/off or sensor.  Battery operated. 4 C cell, not included.  Now available in white or pale green. Watch for new colors to come!
NEW 8 LED Sensor Lamp 

Colors: White, Green

Start Ship: 2/15/2011
Samples: Available in 30 days
Wholesale Cost: $15.00
MSRP: $29.99
No more tired-looking nightlights to help find your way around in the dark! The Fulcrum 8 LED Motion Sensor Table Lamp looks great on a bedside table, entry way, kitchen or bathroom counter and provides instant illumination when you need it. No installation and no wires means this motion activated lamp can go anywhere in the house for security, emergency lighting or décor. The super bright LED’s are glare free and feature floodlight technology for a broad beam of light.

To Sell This Item in Your Store of for Wholesale Information Contact Us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com!

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