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New Stylish LED Sensor Lamps from The Fulcrum LIGHT IT Product Line


Happy 2011 from Fulcrum Products and  

We are excited to announce a couple of new items added to the Fulcrum Light It! Spring line up. 
Because of the great success with the wireless Porch Light, they decided to utilize the same technology to create a solution for inside the home. This is a great item to use as a night light, in nurseries, bathrooms, security light and camping/RV. 
Like the Porch Light, both darkness and motion must be present for the sensor function to work but unique to this lamp….a 3 way switch gives the customer the option of on/off or sensor.  Battery operated. 4 C cell, not included.  Now available in white or pale green. Watch for new colors to come!
NEW 8 LED Sensor Lamp 

Colors: White, Green

Start Ship: 2/15/2011
Samples: Available in 30 days
Wholesale Cost: $15.00
MSRP: $29.99
No more tired-looking nightlights to help find your way around in the dark! The Fulcrum 8 LED Motion Sensor Table Lamp looks great on a bedside table, entry way, kitchen or bathroom counter and provides instant illumination when you need it. No installation and no wires means this motion activated lamp can go anywhere in the house for security, emergency lighting or décor. The super bright LED’s are glare free and feature floodlight technology for a broad beam of light.

To Sell This Item in Your Store of for Wholesale Information Contact Us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com!

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