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New Product! Glow Laces

These incredible LED shoelaces will light up your day or night! Use them to make a fun fashion statement or for safety at night.

The powerful LEDs in the laces have three light settings: Steady on, Slow Flash, and Fast Flash! Use your glow laces with any laced shoe, boot, or skate, and they will stay lit for up to 70 hours before needing new batteries!

Glow laces are made to last for the long haul with coated plastic that is weatherproof, washable, heat resistant, durable, and safe. You can cut the laces to shorten them, or even stretch them out to make them longer.

Glow laces can also be warn as a bracelet or fasted to handbags or back packs! Safe for children over the age of 6.

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No More Shredders! Permanently Cover Up Important Information with Just 1 Roll!

The KES’PON Guard ID Stamp ROLLER:

The roller type design allows you to quickly and easily mask large areas of confidential information in a single swipe with Kespon’s unique pattern and special formulated permanent ink. Using the Kes’pon Roller is more convenient, less messy and less noisy than using a shredder. Stamped documents are also much easier to recycle! Just drop them in the recycle bin! Many waste disposers are unable to recycle shredded paper because the short cut fibers are too small to be reused.

The Kes’pon Roller is perfect for when you need to cover a large area of private or confidential information. In a single stroke, you can glide the roller over all of the text you want masked (perfect for large text on boxes/shipments).

Ideal for use on uneven and curved surfaces:

The roller applicator is able to imprint ink on uneven surfaces such as corrugated cardboard boxes and easily conforms to rounded containers such as mailing tubes and prescription medicine bottles.

Compact size with retractable roller head:

The small size of the Roller allows for convenient storage in a desk drawer. Extend and retract the applicator head with the push of a button, preventing accidental inking when not in use.


Corrugated cardboard

Cylindrical & Curved Mailers

Retractable Ink Roller

Replaceable ink cartridge

When the time comes to replace the ink roller cartridge, it is simple to open up the main casing and drop in the fresh cartridge (refills also available at BED BATH & BEYOND).


New Product! Hem-Eze! No Sewing Necessary!

Hem-Eze is
Hem-Eze …

the revolutionary way to hem jeans, pants, skirts, dresses,
curtains, costumes, school uniforms, & more.

Tailor like the
professionals without the bother of a needle and thread! Made in the

“Wear Your High Heels This Morning
and Sandals Tonight!” No need to change pants!

How to use Hem-Eze:


New Product! Slip on Grips (TM)

Product! Slip-On Grips (TM)

Slip-On Grip™ allows you to add grip to almost anything.
Everyone’s lives have been affected by poor grip at one point or another. With
Slip-On Grip™, you can perform everyday tasks with greater ease and efficiency.
Just stretch the Grip over any surface, and you suddenly have the leverage and
hold you need to make any gripping task a snap.

Pro/Universal Slip-On Grip™ is
the most versatile of any gripping product and offers you solutions for the
home, office and workplace. It adds comfort to any item and resolves all issues
with slipping, sliding, poor grip, or the need for more torque.


Small: nail
polish bottles, clothing hangers, spice bottles

small bottle caps, small jar lids like honey, medicine bottles, supplement

Large: medium jar lids, large bottle caps, salt
& pepper mills

Extra Large: large jar lids, cutting
boards, cream jar’s


New Product! 2 in 1 Glue Tape for Easy Crafts and Gift Wrapping!

>Dream Products is proud to introduce a new line of precision glue tapes manufactured by Plus Corporation. By combining innovation and style in all of their stationery and security products, Plus has become one of the top stationery companies in the world.  Their line of glue tape is the perfect 2 for 1 special, turning messy glue into double-sided tape for easy, neat, and clean application. 

 PLUS has manufactured all their glue tape to meet the demands of todays’ consumers. Using only photo safe and acid free adhesive making their products perfect for photo albums and scrapbooking. All glue is odor free and PAT tested to meet the needs of the home and office.

 The adhesive tape in each model is unique and rated higher than other top brands for adhesion, separability and speed dependence. All applicators are designed for single handed use and the glue dries quickly making it perfect for craft and home use.

Plus uses a padded roller tip on all products to provide a clean application with no adhesion or surface translation problems.


  • Flip back locking cover – Protects tape from dust and contaminants.
  • Tension control torque applicator – Provides even resistance from the beginning to the end of the roll.
  • Durable recycled plastic casing.
  • Clear housing – Shows colorful internal parts.
  • Padded roller applicator- Provides cleaner application of glue to uneven paper surfaces.

Ask us about the new Glue Tape Series from Plus Corporation. Whether its for gluing on paper, wood, plastic, or metal, you’re covered!

For wholesale information contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

Inhaling Coffee??? The Ultimate Cafeinne Buzz?

Have you ever looked at a new product for the first time and not know what to think of it?   My first reaction to this product was why would anyone want to inhale coffee?  After pondering the thought for a few minutes,  I started to think maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  God knows I drink A LOT of Coffee.  I even drink energy drinks for the little “pick me up” at the end of the day.

I began to ponder some thoughts.

1.  How much money do people spend on energy drinks?  I know many people, including myself that use them.  You can spend up to $5.00 for one.

2.  We all know that energy drinks are bad for you and yet we continue to  drink them.  Would inhaling coffee be a healthier alternative?

3.  There are proven health benefits associated with coffee.  Would you be able to obtain those benefits by inhaling it?

4.  Coffee is all natural.  It would contribute to our world’s green initiative.

5.  Why inhale coffee?  Would it make more sense to snort it?

6.  Will it make you cough?  Will inhaling coffee make you more susceptible to colds?

7.  Can it become addicting or have side effects associated to inhaling?

I probably  could go on and on but I won’t bore you with the ramblings in my brain. I spend a lot of time evaluating new items and their potential to become hot new items.  I can see this becoming a great new fad just like energy drinks.   It definitely has the potential.

New Gadget- Gen Z Power Charging Station

Hello all!  It’s me again, your very lovable Gadget Gandhi!

I have patiently awaited the release of the New Gen Z Power.  I have been told I have the patience of an ant but that’s another story.  It is finally happening.  I am alerting all the techno- junkies, like myself, of the release of The New Gen Z Power. This is a fantastic, must have item.  I can charge my cell phone, my iPod and my husband’s cell phone all at once without even looking for our chargers. I don’t need my computer to charge our  iTouch, and a Charging Station to charge the rest of my mobile gadgets.  I can do it all with The Gen Z Power.  Everything is built in.  This is the Next Generation in charging stations.

The company that manufactures this item is Domaine Ltd.  Domaine Ltd expanded its well known jewelry and novelty business in January 2010.  This expansion was the birth of a Consumer Goods Division called “Domaine Consumer Goods”.  Domaine Consumer Goods is devoted to bringing new innovative technology to the US market.  With their highly inspired and creative team, DCG’s  plans are to make an impact with the latest gadgets and gizmos for all the techno-junkies out there.   I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

This item is being sold at Cable Organizers.


Click any of the photo’s and it will bring you to Cable Organizers site so you can get your own Gen Z Power!

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