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Powermat vs GenZ- The New Age in Technology

Good morning all!  It’s me Laurie, your very likeable Gadget Gandhi!

The world is forever changing and so is our technology.  With the introduction of the PC and the internet, the world has been on a tech- revolution for the past few decades.  In the past couple of years, I have seen the greatest technology to hit the tech-revolution since the introduction of the internet or the cell phone.  It is called wireless charging.  What is wireless charging you ask?  Wireless charging is the ability to charge your hand-held devices without any wires.  No more adapters and no more wires, just put your device on the mat and that’s it!  Charge!

At the beginning of 2009, the world was introduced to the Powermat.  I have to admit, seeing one of the first wireless devices gave me shivers.  What an amazing device! This device oozed cutting edge technology.  A way to change all the wires and cords as we know it, but being familiar with gadgets and gizmos, I realized that this technology is in its infancy stages.  I know there will be much more amazing things to come!  (Kudos to the engineers at Powermat!)

After seeing that device, I needed to investigate.  I had so many questions.

  1. How does it charge wirelessly?
  2. Is it cost-effective to run?
  3. Does it need accessories to work?
  4. How much is it?

The Powermat charges by using Magnetic induction.  Basically, you need to attach a receiver to your device that will sync with the Powermat.  Each one of your devices will need a receiver to work with the Powermat.  Per the people at Powermat, this system is as cost-effective as using your current adapters. After much investigating of the Powermat, I realized a couple of things.  1) This is truly a great device. Just the fact you can electrically charge a device without the wires is truly amazing.  You do however need to purchase various adapters in addition to purchasing the Powermat to power up your devices. This brings me to: 2) The Powermat is expensive for the average person.  The Powermat retails for $99.99.  The additional adapters range from $30-$40 depending on what you need; adding additional cost to the wireless charging.

The GenZ, which is also a charging device, works on a different concept. GenZ Power is a charging station produced by Domaine Consumer Goods.  I have seen many charging devices.  In this day and age of personal wireless electronics, I see charging stations as an absolute necessity.  Without them, we would have the spaghetti of wires all over our house and office.  GenZ Power provides the unique concept of built-in adapters in the charging unit.  No more looking for the correct charging cord.  Currently, I use it for two cell phones and my iPod.  I truly love this device.

Main Features for the GenZ Power:

  • Built in with 13 of the most common connectors which includes 2 USB ports
  • LED light indicating status of charging (Flashing when charging)
  • Different voltage for each connector with IC control
  • Auto cut-off when battery is fully charges  (Green Charging Station)
  • Can charge up to 4 devices at the same time

What makes the GenZ most appealing is its price.  This item retails for $59.99.  You don’t need to purchase additional applications to make this item work.  Just open the box and use.  The product shows on the back panel of its packaging the adapters that are inside the device. No question about knowing what you are getting.  The people at Domaine Consumer Goods have done a remarkable job with this item.  It is not as advanced as wireless charging but it eliminates looking for the chargers at half the price.

Well that’s all for now!!

Holiday Traditions- A Gift for Her

2009 Swarovski Ornament
Good morning all! It’s me again, Laurie. Your very likeable gadget Gandhi! – LOL

Well, last night, since nobody was home, I decided to venture into my basement and pull out the holiday décor. After a very grueling 30 minutes of hauling boxes up the basement stairs, I was finally ready to sit down and begin the ritual of sorting through the holiday decorations.

It’s amazing how many happy memories that floods you when you’re sorting through items you haven’t seen in at least a year. I found many homemade gifts that were made for my husband and me by our children. Shells painted with holiday cheer, paper Mache decorations with loving notes and I can never forget, the infamous spaghetti necklace. Now that was a long, long time ago.

As I was taking out the last of the homemade gifts and decorating them around my house, I finally came to my box of special ornaments. This particular group of ornaments has a very sentimental meaning to me. It is my collection of Swarovski Special Edition Holiday Ornaments. There is a new ornament made for each passing year.

Many years ago, when our children were small, my husband and I decided it would be best not to buy each other gifts at the holidays. We were already strained trying to raise 3 children and most of our money went to living expenses, or the children. My husband has always been a very proud man. He has always done his part to ensure that our children had the best holiday they could possibly have. He would work many; many extra hours to make sure each of his children got that one special gift they had asked for. I have to admit, he never once failed in his quest.

On one particular year, after the children had opened their presents, I noticed there was another small gift stuffed between the branches of our tree. Puzzled, I walked over to see whom it was for. To my surprise, it was for me! As my husband looked up at me sheepishly, I opened the box. It had to be the most beautiful crystal I had ever seen. It was a 2000 Swarovski Special Edition Holiday Ornament. I could tell from looking at it, it was expensive. I asked him, “Why would you buy something so expensive for me?” He said, “ To see the happiness on your face when you opened the box.” I was beyond surprised and amazed that he purchased such a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Feeling a little less than thoughtful myself, I said, “But I didn’t get anything for you.” He looked at me in surprise and said “Yes you did. The happiness on your face is the best present you could ever give me”. (I got to admit, he really is a great guy).

Every year since that day, there has been a box with a new Swarovski Special Edition Ornament for me under our tree. He has bought me one every year since that day. (And I make sure I have a present for him too.) It always makes me smile and has become my most favored tradition.

Please feel free to leave me a comment.

The 2009 Swarovski Special Edition Holiday Ornament can be purchased at Merchants Overseas, Amazon.com as well as many other online retailers or department stores. (The best buy I have seen has been Amazon.com)

Well, that’s all for now. Until next time.

What’s up with the Holiday Gift?

3 Pc Plug Extender

Good morning all! It’s me again, Laurie.

The holiday season is again upon us. I have been listening to people chatter about their expected holiday celebrations, gift giving, family traditions and the infamous “shopping trips”. Regardless of what holiday you are celebrating (Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa), each holiday has its tradition of “gift giving”.

For the past few days, I have been pondering in my own mind “Why do I do this “holiday hustle” every year?” All this time, money, effort and work? Is it worth it? Does anyone care?

As a child I could not wait for the holiday celebration to begin. I would take my saved up allowance and joyously go out and buy all my family and friends what I considered the perfect gift. (At least as best as my allowance would allow.) Ahh, the joys of being a child. The month of December would move by at a snails pace and finally would come the time to start all the cleaning and preparation of the traditional family dishes. The work was always abundant, but I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Then finally, our big holiday would arrive and be over in a blink of an eye, reminding me that I would have to wait another year before we could do it again.

Time eventually passed and I became an adult with my own family. When the children were small, I basked in the traditions of our holiday celebration. I would cook for hours, clean for days, buy and wrap presents and decorate our house in the traditional holiday décor. The happy little faces of my 3 children (and even my husband) filled with anticipation for our holiday celebration reminded me of my own childhood. Knowing how happy they all were, made it all worth it for me. My grandmother, god rest her soul, would be so proud that I carried on all the family traditions passed down by her.

Then something I can’t explain happened. For the past few years, I have drudgingly followed through with our family traditions. Something that used to fill me with absolute joy has now been reduced to an interrupting annoyance in my life. The holidays have become too commercialize. Everyone is in a hurry. I now feel overwhelmed rather than happy and joyous. Gifts have been replaced with impersonal gift cards or gift certificates. What happened to the happiness that the holiday celebrations use to bring?

Then the strangest thing happened to me yesterday. I was looking through an old wooden box that I keep paperwork and personal memorabilia in. I was looking for some paperwork when I came across a holiday card from my grandmother. Stunned, because I haven’t seen it in over 15 years, I opened the card. Inside she wrote, “ I hope you love the coat. You are important to me and I want you to always be warm. I love you always, never forget that.” She passed on that year. I still have the coat and card. My grandmother always had the best sound advise. After reading that card, it occurred to me. She purchased that gift for me because I was important to her. I never once asked for a coat but it is something I use from time to time until this day. I think of her every time I wear it.

After finding that card, I had an epiphany. For many years, I purchased gifts for people that showed I was thinking of them in my own way. For the past few years, I have purchased gifts based on peoples wants. And yes, I have bought gift certificates and gift cards. I’ve never put a personal note with a gift. (Need to change that) Now thinking about it, it seems foolish that I didn’t. Isn’t the message what it’s all about? My grandmother’s message said it best, she purchased the coat because I was important to her and she wanted me to be warm. Simple. (Maybe that is why I can’t part with the coat, it makes me think of her.)

Feeling a ton better after finding that card, I began to look for things that I wanted to get the people I most care about. My gifts are going to be what I want to give. Honestly, I feel a lot better about it. Believe it or not, much less stressed. My gift should reflect how I feel about my loved ones. I am also determined to include a card with a personal note for each of my loved ones.

So I began my search and came across an interesting item for my husband. My husband is always looking for additional surge protectors because he covers up the extra plugs with the large transformers from his devices. I found 3 Pc. Plug Extenders for him. A plug extender is a mini cord that you can plug into the end of the transformer and the opposite end into the surge protector. Should solve the problem. I will get him other things but I think he will be surprised that I noticed his dilemma and that his problem mattered enough to me to try and fix it.

The same goes for my 3 kids and their battery obsessions. I am planning on getting each one of them a Battery Rack 40. For my two college going children, I plan on getting each one of them a Power Station Traveller. This way they can make sure their cell phones are always charged and have a case to carry all their small electronics to class rather than leave them in the car.

Nobody has asked for these items but I can see how it will make their lives easier and I want them all to be happy.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you all enjoy your holidays. I plan on getting my holiday spirit back this year. Remember to buy a gift that says what you want to say. A personal short note will make all the difference in the world.

Please feel free to leave me a comment.

You can find any of the products mentioned above at most online retailers. (Amazon.com, Cable Organizers, Batteries Plus Stores, The Container Store, Lillian Vernon Catalog, Herrington Catalog to name a few)

Why Do People Drink and Drive?

FDA Approved Stay Safe Rescue

It’s me again, Laurie, the gadget Gandhi of consumer products.

This product review brought me down a different path than usual. It is an item that I think should be something that we should all think about. SERIOUSLY. My product for today is the “Stay Safe Rescue” Breathalyzer.

I hate to bring up stuff that is depressing, as I myself always try to keep a positive outlook on life. You know, best foot forward. But I came across this horrible news story this week that I thought I should share as I feel it relates to this product review.

An unfortunate young woman who was riding on the back of a motorcycle around 3am had fallen off the bike and died. What a horrible story, right? The young man who was driving the bike had told police that he had previously left a bar with the young women. He knew the women’s first name only as he had just met her that night. Police were working on trying to identify her. Now, is that not a horrible situation?

So here is where I have issue. If you were intoxicated or even a little tipsy, why would you get on the back of a motorcycle? I’m not fond of being on the back of a bike sober, so I could never fathom getting on the back of a bike after having a few cocktails. I would consider that action insane!

I consider myself a social person. I am regularly attending some sort of social event, may it be a cookout, cocktail party, bridal shower or whatever. What I can attest too is there is usually alcohol served at all these functions. The thing that astounds me the most is how many people insist, after having a few cocktails, that they are OK to drive. You don’t have to be falling down drunk to be over the legal limit to drive. So, how do you know for sure when your friend has or has not had too much to drink? Well, I came across this product that will put an end to the guessing. ReSource Inc. has developed an FDA Approved Alcohol Breathalyzer called Stay Safe Rescue.

The Stay Safe Rescue is small enough to fit in your purse or tuck away in your pocket. You simply press the CAL button on the front. The unit will count down from 5 to 0 with WAIT flashing on the display. While the 0 stays on the display, you blow into the inhaler for 3-4 seconds. Simple as that, now you have a reference. (I would recommend 2 readings to get an average) Use this product only as a reference as all items have their margin of error. It will however give you a reference to think about prior to doing anything stupid like driving. Most people do not realize that more than 1 drink per hour will put you over the legal limit for driving. Men also metabolize alcohol faster than women.  Sorry  girls, it’s a fact, the alcohol effects us faster.

The item retails for $54.99 and is well worth the investment for anyone with a social life. They have a cheaper item, Stay Safe Advantage, for $34.99. The Stay Safe Advantage does not have FDA approval. I would truly recommend owning this item. I always recommend to Stay Safe.

These products will be release in 2010. I will keep you posted on where to buy as soon as they are released.

Feel free to leave me a comment.

The Music Ball- The Rechargeable, Wireless Speaker System

The Next Generation in Wireless Speakers!

The Next Generation in Wireless Speakers!

Good morning World! It’s me, Laurie, the Gandhi of Consumer Products. (Can’t you here the Indian music playing in the background? No? Must be just in my head. I guess I had a little too much coffee this morning. – LOL)

OK, I found another great product. This item is called The Music Ball. It is a Rechargeable, wireless, iPod speaker system. I have viewed similar items but this speaker system offers a little more than the others. I can assure you, I am a big believer in getting the most value for what I pay for. My family says I’m cheap but I prefer the term “frugal”. There is too much JUNK sold in the world! I all companies are entitled to make a profit. I just think they should not sell junk to do it!  Alright, enough of my little tangent.

What makes The Music Ball different then other wireless systems you ask? IT’S RECHARGEABLE. Other wireless systems work with AA batteries. AA batteries will give you about 10 hours of continuous use. Then, you need to go out and buy more AA batteries. If you are a person who likes your tunes, this could get expensive. The Music Ball, however, works on rechargeable AA batteries. You put your Sphere (or speaker) on the base, and it will recharge the speaker. I don’t want you to think rechargeable batteries last forever because they don’t. They will, however, last much, much longer than the standard AA batteries. So, in a nutshell, The Music Ball will be cheaper to maintain.

This item has other great features. Once you purchase The Music Ball system, you can purchase additional speakers separately at any time. The system will let you “sync” up to 50 additional speakers. One of the most interesting features is that it floats in a pool. Yes, you heard me right. IT FLOATS IN A POOL. Now, wouldn’t that make for interesting conversation at a backyard summer party? With multiple speakers, you could hang them around a room, around your back yard or even put the speaker in the pool. BIG THUMBS UP ON THIS ITEM!

This item will be release is 2010.  I will give you an update where to buy as soon as the information is made available.  In the meantime, I will anxiously await it’s arrival.

Well, that all until next time!!!!

Feel free to leave me a comment. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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