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A New Way to Wrap Presents! The Revolutionary GLUE TAPE

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Hey All!!! 🙂  It’s me Laurie.

I want to tell you all about a great NEW PRODUCT called Glue Tape.  Glue Tape is a new type of tape that will give you a cleaner and neater way to wrap presents.

Basically this product is a two sided tape with a revolutionary dispenser that eliminates the problem of tearing off a piece to stick it on the spot you delogate.  To use Glue Tape,  simply run the Glue Tape on the area you want to apply it too.  That’s it!  It’s simple, it saves time and its cost effective.   No more tearing off a piece and it  sticks to itself!   No more worrying about breaking off the right size piece!  No more being frustrated because something else stuck to your tape.

Glue Tape is great for many uses.  You can use it for arts and crafts projects, putting pictures in an album or something as simple as closing an envelope.  The applications are endless.


  • Flip back locking cover – Protects tape from dust and
  • Tension control torque applicator – Provides even resistance from the
    beginning to the end of the roll.
  • Durable recycled plastic casing.
  • Clear housing – Shows colorful internal parts.
  • Padded roller applicator- Provides cleaner application of glue to uneven
    paper surfaces.

New Mess-Free Glue Tape from Plus Corporation!

>Plus Corporation is an amazing company because of their innovative ideas on how to make life just a little bit easier.  I’m sure everyone can agree that nothing is worse that dealing with tape while wrapping Birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah presents, it either gets stuck to itself or is impossible to tear because your fingers are busy holding down the wrapping paper!

Well Plus Corporation used the same technology as they do with their camouflage tape, and came up with “Glue Tape”

Glue Tape is double sided glue that is in the form of tape.  It is basically a very neat and clean way to be creative and make something really stick!  It’s perfect for wrapping gifts, scrapbooking, school projects, presentations, and more, giving you a professional look!

The value packs above feature 3 different Glue Tape Size Options, to ensure the right dimensions for your project.  A 4mm size for “Detailed Use’ in smaller crafts and scrapbooking projects, a 6mm size for “General Use” in photo albums and school projects, and a 8mm size for “Firm Gluing” of envelopes, gift wrapping, etc. 

These value packs are a hot product for the Holiday season as well as throughout the year.

If you are interested in Wholesale Pricing contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com

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