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Guard Your ID Advanced Roller

Guard Your ID Advanced Roller

Plus Corporation has a way of regularly outdoing themselves!  I would like to introduce their new Guard Your ID Advanced Roller. An economic and eco friendly way to protect yourself from Identity Theft and Scams.

Protecting Yourself from Identity Thieves and Scammers

Knowing you need to protect yourself against a potential predator is the first step to ensuring you do not become a victim.  The most important way to protect yourself is by securing all your mail.  This includes incoming and outgoing mail from your home or office.  I’m sure you hear all the time how thieves victimize you online by sending spam emails to hack into your computer unknowingly.  As this is a real problem, the fact is that stealing your mail continues to be the most frequent method used by an identity thief.  

The Below Data is supplied using the Statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.  Identity Theft is a real thing and the number of victims continues to climb year after year.

Victims of Identity Theft, 2014

    „About 7% of persons age 16 or older were victims of identity theft in 2014, similar to findings in 2012. „

  • The majority of identity theft victims (86%) experienced the fraudulent use of existing account information, such as credit card or bank account information.
  • The number of elderly victims of identity theft increased from 2.1 million in 2012 to 2.6 million in 2014.
  • About 14% of identity theft victims experienced out-of-pocket losses of $1 or more. Of these victims, about half suffered losses of less than $100.
  • „ Half of identity theft victims who were able to resolve any associated problems did so in a day or less.


Based on the statistics, the use of a Guard Your ID Advanced Roller while discarding mail could have eliminated the risk of being a victim.  Nothing is 100 percent foolproof but the use of the Advanced Roller could have mitigated those results greatly.


robert ringer

Robert Ringer is an American entrepreneur who is best known for being a motivational an political speaker along with writing many best-selling personal-development and political books.  His Life-complication Theory puts it best.  “Given a choice between an easy solution and a complicated one, the loser will usually opt to travel the complicated path.  Don’t ignore a solution just because it’s simple!”  

Plus Corporations- Guard Your ID Advanced Roller is a perfect example of taking a complicated problem and resolving it with a simple solution.  The Guard Your ID Advanced Roller was created with a special purpose.  To ensure your personal information could be hidden on documents that provide information that you don’t want ever distributed.  For example, medicine bottles, junk mail, credit card offerings, or bills you would like to discard.  You simply roll over the information you want hidden and discard into the appropriate recyclable.  It’s that simple!  No expensive shredder, no wondering what to do with the shredded pages, just simply roll over the information and discard to the appropriate recyclable.  Done.

Advanced Roller- WhiteAdvanced Roller- white- medicine roller

Guard Your ID Advanced Roller Features

A new level of protection.

  • Advanced ink adheres better to glossy & coated surfaces.*
  • Good for prescription bottles & magazine covers.
  • Helps protect you from identity theft.
  • Ideal for use on junk mail.
  • Specially designed compound pigment- and oil-based ink.
  • Easily recycle stamped documents.

You can purchase this item at:

Bed Bath and Beyond (online) $9.99

QVC– $19.99  offering 243 amazing good reviews!

Amazon.com– $13.06

And the list continues to grow!


If you are a retail store and would like to discuss carrying this item at your store,

Contact: Laurie Plante



Protect Yourself with The Kes’pon Guard Your Identity Kit!


This 3 Pack Kit from Plus Corporation is a must-have item for anyone.  It is a set containing their 3 most popular tools for permanently masking important information.  An alternative to expensive, noisy and time-consuming shredders, the Kes’pon Guard Your ID Kit for $19.99 is affordable protection!

To reduce your vulnerabilities and trick those “dumpster divers” the kit includes The Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp:

This product stamps a unique pattern to mask your private and confidential information.

The Guard Your Identity kit also includes a mini version of the Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp. This smaller style effectively hides or masks printed/confidential information with a unique pattern and special formulated permanent ink, anywhere you are!  It’s convenient and light weight design makes this product a very easy and affordable shredding alternative, On-The-Go!

And don’t forget about the Kes’pon Camouflage tape! The Kes’pon Guard Your Identity kit also includes their patented camouflage tape, an ideal tool that can be used to selectively block out at-risk information in documents you wish to keep or distribute to other parties.  The unique pattern effectively covers printed text in clean straight lines and the tape cartridge can easily be removed and replaced.

Be the first person or store with these important items! These are must-have items in today’s modern world. 
To purchase any of these Kes’pon Identity Protection products contact us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com 

For All Wholesale Inquiries contact us at 401-309-8592 or DreamShopLive@gmail.com

Identity Theft Protection On-The-Go! Protect Your Personal Information No Matter Where You Are!

>A mini version of the Kes’pon ID Guard Stamp, this smaller style effectively hides or masks printed/confidential information with a unique pattern and special formulated permanent ink, anywhere you are!  It’s convenient and light weight design makes this product a very easy and affordable shredding alternative, On-The-Go!

Kes’pon Mini ID Guard Stamp can go everywhere with you.  These minis easily fit in small purses, briefcases, and pockets, and take up little to no space!  Like having a pen or lip balm, its a modern world necessity you should never leave home without!

When it comes to identity theft, the better you look on paper, the more likely you are to be targeted by people with bad intentions. There is an endless amount of ways for a thief to steal your identity; and it all starts with the thief’s ability to get access to certain key pieces of information that belong to you. And you never know when you’ll need to hide your information.  Whether it’s at an outside business meeting, on vacation, or at school, the Kes’pon Mini will protect you everywhere you are.  It’s Identity Protection for only $6.99!

What NOT To Do with The Kes’pon Mini Stamp:

    * Stamp Your Lips when you run out of chapstick
    * Stamp Your coffee container to hide the “extra extra”
    * Stamp Your Phone Number in your Boss’ planner

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