As the weather starts getting colder and colder in some areas, there’s 1 Out of the 8 Scents that Sleep Scentsations carries, that can mentally take you somewhere warmer.

Who doesn’t love going to the beach and smelling the ocean breeze?  But how many of you even in the summer really have the time to actually get you and your family there?

Well this might explain the reasoning we’ve seen a growing interest in the “Day at The Beach” Pillow Scent. This scent will have you feel like you are falling asleep on your beach towel with the scents of the ocean air, warm sand, and suntan lotion (without the sand in your bathing suit! haha)

For many people, the beach is an extremely relaxing experience.  As you soak up the sun, you are also smelling the scents of the beach you do not normally smell on a regular basis.  Scents like the ocean air, warm sand and your suntan lotion, once inhaled through the nose into your limbic system,  will automatically trigger your memories of the beach and the relaxing feeling that comes along with them. 

Sleep Scentsations Aromatherapy Pillow Liners are the perfect no-mess alternative to bed linen sprays and can bring the Beach to you. 

Why not enjoy a little piece of the relaxing Beach as you fall asleep at night?  It’s also Sun-Burn Free!!!

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