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Beadelle Holiday Ornament Collection

Hey all, It’s me Laurie!

Well,  Domaine has come up with a beautiful extension to its Beadelle(R) Collection.  They have designed beautifully detailed Beadelle(R) Holiday Ornaments.   Nothing says Christmas like sparkly ornaments in the tree!   Each year, Domaine will create two new ornaments to add to the Beadelle(R) Holiday Ornament Collection.  These are collectable items that can become family heirlooms for generations to come.  They are made with high quality crystal that will sparkle year after year.  Your holiday display will radiate elegance and will be the envy of all your friends.

Well, that’s all for now.  Talk to you all again soon!

You can purchase them at www.domaineconsumergoods.com

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MamaSox Bedazzle’s the American Idol Stage

Good morning Everyone!  It’s me Laurie.

I am an American Idol Fan.  This years season features an incredibly talented new sensation by the name of “Crystal Bowersox”.  With her crazy dreadlocks and down to earth style, this is the girl I predict will become this years next American Idol.  Go Mama Sox!!

She wowed us with her version of  “Come Together” on Idols Lennon/McCarthy week.  Did you see Crystal’s bedazzled guitar?  Now that I was a very impressive bedazzled Guitar.  Her style is all her own.  I love that she is unique.

I wonder if she got her crystal from Glitterize.com?  Now that’s the place to buy the sparkle to bedazzle.

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