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The New Staple Free Stapler and Decoration Tape from Plus Corporation!

In addition to the Guard Your ID Series from Plus Corporation, Dream b2b Products is excited to announce the two newest products Plus is bringing to market.

They are introducing the innovative Staple Free Stapler and Decoration Tape, doing what they do best which is to make our lives just a little bit easier.

The main selling points for the Staple Free Stapler is the fact that it is Safe, Secure, and Eco-Friendly. There’s absolutely no staples, meaning less use of material, no running costs to buy staples, and no encounters with sharp staples.  It is also made with Recycled plastic, and can staple up to 6 pages at a time!
The Decoration Tape is pure fun.  It is a pen-like dispenser that applies fun designs and patterns.  This multi-applicator can also be used with the correction tape refills, making it useful for both business and pleasure.  This is the perfect item for those who enjoy adding some personality to their notes or projects and it is also made with Recycled plastic.

By combining innovation and style in all of their stationery and security products, Plus has become one of the top stationery companies in the world.  Not only are their products modern and inventive, they are super afforable. I really believe that this is why the ID Guard Series and Plus’ other stationary products have done so well.

For more Information or for Wholesale Orders Contact Us at DreamShopLive@gmail.com or by phone at 401-3098592

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